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One of the most exciting things you’ll do when planning your wedding is shop for your wedding dress. Chances are you’ve spent weeks, months, even years researching dresses in wedding magazines and blogs and probably have some idea of the style of dress you want based on on your own personal style, the tone of your wedding and of course your budget. Even if you don’t have something specific in mind, trying on dresses in a bridal boutique is a fantastic way to identify what will suit your style, flatter your shape and make you feel like a total goddess when your walking down the aisle.

So to ensure you get the most out of your wedding dress shopping experience we have compiled some useful tips to aid you in finding ‘the one’.


You’ve dedicated hours to studying the pages of wedding magazines and blogs to find the right wedding dress for you and now your ready to dry them on so where do you go to find the dress of your dreams? Although you might be tempted to visit ALL the boutiques, this will depend on how far you’re willing to travel, not just for the initial appointment but for further dress fittings and alterations too.

Then you’ll need to check the store stocks the types of dresses you’re looking for as many will specialize in certain styles i.e. designer, couture, vintage. This should be easy enough to find out by just checking the boutiques website or with a quick phone call to ensure your not disappointed on your first visit.

Check reviews too! With so many horror stories circulating of rude bridal shop assistants and unexpected closures it pays to know more about the stores history to avoid any nasty surprises that could upset your shopping experience.


It might come as a surprise, but many bridal boutiques will charge you a service fee for trying on dresses. Mainly to discourages other brides to be from booking an appointment to try on dresses when they have no intention of buying anything (which happens a lot more than you would think), this fee also covers the cost of having to close part, if not all of the shop off to other customers whilst the bridal shop assistant helps you with you’re fitting.

Ideally you will be made aware of any fees for trying on dresses before you make your appointment but it’s important to ask if any charges will be applied at the time of booking to avoid any confusion later.


You might love the idea of having all your bridesmaids there whilst your trying on wedding dresses but just because they’re your squad doesn’t mean you should have them all with you.

When attending your appointment only take people with you, whose opinion you trust and keep it minimal. Too many voices will only serve to confuse you even more when you really need to make your own decision.


It’s important to feel confident when trying on wedding dresses which is why well fitted underwear is a must! The type of underwear you wear will also play a big part in the way you look and feel in a dress, opt for nude tones and sheer fabrics to avoid any lumps and bumps and a multi-way bra so your not limited to a certain style of dress you can try on.

DON’T not wear any underwear at all, remember a shop assistant will probably be helping you in and out of the dresses so save everyone the embarrassment.

..Speaking of confidence if it will make you feel better to have a good scrub and shave before your appointment then do it! Just make sure you book your appointment at a suitable time, rather than rushing from work or the gym.


It’s unlikely at this point that you’ll have the shoes you’ll be wearing with your wedding dress but you probably will have an idea of what you’d like, so take heels similar in height. If you think you might wear your hair up at your wedding take a clip so that you can pin it up, if you have any jewelry you’d like to wear, take that too and wear your makeup similar to how envisioned it on the day. It will all help to build a picture of what the outfit will look like when its complete.


Sure you have an idea about the type of dress your would like to wear on your wedding day but it’s not unusual to walk in to a bridal boutique with one style in mind and walk out with something completely different. That’s because dresses often look different on the models in the pages of glossy magazines compared to how they look in real life, whilst you”ll be as equally surprised to find that other dresses look way better off the hanger than on, which is why it pays to keep an open mind and try a bit of everything. Bridal shop assistants have more than likely been in their profession for years and know a thing or two about what will suit you, so let them do their job.

Saying that it’s also important to be honest about how you feel so don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t like something. The last thing anyone wants is for you feel uncomfortable or upset.


A lot of us can feel uncomfortable when revealing how much we have to spend on our wedding, especially when it comes to wedding dresses but honesty really is the best policy. It’s the job of a bridal shop assistants to help you find the best dress for you and that means knowing how much you have to spend. If you don’t let them know, they simply can’t make that happen and it will only make the shopping experience more awkward when your being handed dresses you cannot afford.


We’ve all heard the stories of  brides who bought the first dress they saw but in reality that doesn’t happen all that often. You may visit several boutiques and try on lots of dresses before you find ‘the one’ so go with little or no expectation, to eliminate any pressure.

Most importantly, enjoy the experience, it’s your wedding day and finding your wedding dress is all just part of the fun!


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