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black wedding gowns for modern brides.

This one is for that edgy bride who always wears black or is about breaking stereotypes. Who said you could only flaunt a white wedding dress on the most memorable day of your life? A black wedding dress looks just as bridal, sophisticated, and elegant as a white bridal dress. Its non-traditional aspect makes a black dress wow-worthy. Many black dresses pop against numerous landscapes in a way whites cannot. If you are on the fence, or a black dress is something new for you, here are five good reasons you can wear one on your wedding day: Dress style: CW2502(Black/Flint Gray) & CW2503(Ivory/Pale Khaki) BE YOURSELF There is no better reason to wear a black dress than being yourself. It is your big day, so “do you” and let the rest follow. Wedding and family traditions can indeed be stressful, but this is one rule you are allowed to break. Make decisions based on what you want and not what society forces on you. Don’t want an extravagant wedding? Plan an elopement. Not a cake fan? Go donuts. Feel more “you” in black? Get a stunning black gown for your wedding. MYRIAD OPTIONS You can carry your black dress […]

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halloween wedding dresses ideas

Embrace this fun-filled holiday theme with oh-so-gorgeous Cocomelody bridal outfits. Themed weddings are our personal favorites. These allow us the opportunity to design and offer some distinctive and creative bridal outfits. It is especially true if our bride is having a fall wedding and is also a Halloween fan! Those rustic vibes combined with shades of black, brown, red, and gold sound so heartwarming. But the thing to remember is you’re having a wedding celebration, don’t consider it a Halloween bash. Your wedding must scream of grace and not make guests cry in fear. If you’re in the midst of planning your 2022 Halloween-themed wedding, get ready, we’ve got the scoop on some really fun, dramatic, and Halloween-inspired tips and wedding dresses. UNDERSTAND YOUR HALLOWEEN WEDDING Firstly, understand that a Halloween wedding isn’t a costume party. When guided the right way, it’ll come off as tasteful, sophisticated, and glamorous. The key is to keep away anything that makes it a literal Halloween party. The idea is to take inspiration and give those a personal touch to pull off a marvelous show. Choose a suitable and sophisticated color palette to match the vibes. Use Halloween-themed invites, decorate with black (or dark) blooms or […]

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