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Although today’s article is about picking the best and most professional wedding band for your wedding, it could easily apply to all types of entertainment as well as musicians. If you want to see more helpful wedding planning tips like this, here is our archive of advice and planning.

There are lots of different ways to approach booking a wedding band whether it’s through recommendations or internet searches, you will most likely find yourself inundated with a ton of musicians to choose from, however if your anything like me, you’ve got a strict budget and your want to make sure you pick the best band money can afford in terms of quality. So, if you don’t know where to look or what to look for, here are 4 questions that will help you book a band that will rock your socks off!


No, I don’t mean are they selling out Wembley arena every night, more like how does the wedding band present themselves? Presentation is everything so if you’re in the beginning stages of trying to find the right act for you, you might want to start by looking at their website and social media. Are the photos they use good quality? Do they update their social media often? Do they have any reviews? It might also be a good time to make that initial phone call. How do they conduct themselves on the phone? I bring this up because first appearances usually speak volumes and in highly competitive business climate, this might just help you wheedle out the pros from the cons.


Agencies are not the only place you can go to find good quality bands, but they are a good option and will give you the assurance that your chosen act has been thoroughly quality checked. A live music agency is also a handy way to compare services and rates of a selection of wedding bands, which might just make it more cost effective in the long run not just in terms of money but time too, which those of you who are currently planning a wedding will know is as equally valuable.

Many couples are fortunate enough to know a great wedding band personally – in which case, take advantage of those mates’ rates! – but agencies do offer some kind of protection as your act is contractually obliged to both show up and entertain for the agreed fee. So, heaven forbid anything should go wrong; at least you’ll be covered for any eventuality.


When doing your research on a band, it’s a good idea to check out their past experience. Typically any good quality wedding band will list their highest achievements on their website, highlighting their biggest client names, prominent appearances and any awards they might have been honoured with. Although, these aren’t always a sure fire sign of the standard of service they will provide you, it does at the very least offer you some level of recommendation.

The bottom line: Make sure the band you have your eye on comes highly recommended even if it is just quotes from satisfied customers.


If you just want to book a band to play to 40 minute sets, then that’s pretty simple but if you’re expecting music to be played from the time you enter your reception, throughout dinner, to the cutting of the cake and the party after, you’ll need to make sure the band you have booked is not only aware of this but is able to do it too.

Be clear on exactly what you are expecting of your entertainment from the outset. Whether you want a live band for part of your reception and a DJ set later let the band know. Often, they will include a DJ set (or something similar) in their wedding packages, whether it be an additional performer or one of the band members themselves. It’s definitely worth sorting this out early on – unless you want to be worrying about creating a last minute playlist on your iPod on your wedding day.

Finally, be sure to also ask your band if they are providing their own PA and lighting rig or if this is extra. This needs to be confirmed well in advance, nobody wins if they show up with nothing to plug into.

So, no matter who you pick to provide your wedding day entertainment, before you book you need to make sure they are aware of all the services you are expecting them to provide, find how much it will cost and above all make sure they have experience of doing all that is required.


























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