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We recently shared the result of our 2017 survery with you and one of the main things you guys asked for was more tips and advice for your hubby to be. Well we don’t like to disappoint so today’s shoot is not only perfect summertime wedding inspiration, it’s also a guide on how to choose your grooms wedding day apparel.

For some men, their wedding is the first time they will ever wear a tuxedo. With so many styles to choose from, how do you choose a tuxedo to suit you?

Just as you have tons of options in the wedding gown world, men also have a variety of options to select the perfect tuxedo that flatters his body type and reflects his personal style! There are small differences in style that can make a tremendous difference on his appearance. Your groom will need to familiarize himself with all the different options. This might sound more complicated than it is, and that’s why we’ve asked Menguin to provide this easy-to-follow guide.

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Take a look in the mirror! Like what you see? Think first about your best features and build on them. Then think about the items you would like to minimize. Just like a wedding gown, some styles can help you address your insecurities.
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Tall and Thin

Great news! You can wear just about any style that appeals to you. We recommend a two-button jacket with a notched or peaked collar. Give some thought to a double-breasted jacket if you’re self-conscious about being thin. Add the look of broader shoulders by selecting a style with shoulder padding. If you’re muscular, skip the padding. Pants with narrow legs will elongate your body proportions. Want to appear shorter? Opt for a cummerbund and bow tie. The horizontal lines create an illusion that will shorten your appearance.

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Tall and Muscular

First tip- avoid wearing anything that looks tight. Proper sizing is very important. Rather than appearing stylish, the jacket will just seem poorly fitted. Therefore, go for a more boxy style with vented pleats in the back. A one-button jacket will make your waist look thinner. Select a tux with thinner lapels to elongate your body. Narrow leg trousers provide a leaner appearance.For the most slimming effect, choose a long, narrow tie instead of a bow tie.

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Short and Slender

Your goal: elongate your body line. Avoid any fit that looks short or tight. We recommend avoiding double-breasted jackets and four-button jackets. That extra fabric won’t be flattering for a slender style. You might be able to have a little shoulder pad added to your jacket. Definitely avoid narrow pants legs. Top off your look with a vest and slim tie which will elongate your appearance.

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Short and Muscular

Your goal here is to eliminate any extra fabric that might add bulk. Stay away from styles that appear tighter or shorter than your average sports coat. No double-breasted jackets here. We recommend a one or two-button shawl collar jacket with narrow lapels to create a thinning effect. Your best accessory option: a vest with a long, narrow tie.

In addition to basic decisions about the jacket and overall type of tuxedo, there are numerous color options in accessories that will finish off your look and really add that pop of personality.

The options are endless!

















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