10 South Asian Wedding Dress Designers You Should Know

Bold colors, intricate embroidery, and full skirts are all characteristics of what makes the South Asian wedding wardrobe so unique.

Dress by Mayyur Girotra

The Indian bridal shopping experience historically consists of an entire family trip to the homeland. Then, store hopping until you find the perfect one. When I went to Gujarat to find my wedding outfit over six years ago, there were no websites that could show me where I could find my dream lehenga. Nor were there too many options beyond the traditional outfit that I had seen so many other brides wear.

I wanted to find something different, something me. And coming from a fashion design background, finding something unique to your style was much harder than I thought! I eventually decided to custom design a beautiful blue lehenga with a local designer that I absolutely loved and wore to my wedding.

Dress by Anushree Reddy

No bride should have to sacrifice her individuality in order to fit into the persona of the “South Asian bride.”

Today, there are countless shops, both online and physical, where you can find a variety of colors and styles that match your personality. Your wedding day is especially a day that you should be able to express yourself. With so many options nowadays, there is no doubting that you can find the perfect ensemble to walk (or be carried) down the aisle in; now, it’s just a question of where.

Dress by Mayyur Girotra

Below, browse our list of fabulous designers that can cater to any bride’s taste and where to find their gorgeous pieces. Our list has been carefully curated with the thought in mind that weddings are considered the beginning of new lives; they celebrate not only the unity of two people but possibly of cultures as well. For this reason, these recommendations range from traditional South Asian bridal wear to Western-fusion outfits and will have you covered for every single one of your events!

Anushree Reddy

Anushree Reddy – Vibrant colors and innovative styles are the core inspirations for the extravagant pieces designed by this label.

Arpita Mehta

Arpita Mehta – From sarees to lehengas, this label creates pieces for the bride who wants to step outside of her comfort zone and experiment with fashion.

Natasha Dalal

Natasha Dalal – With a fresh take on bridal wear, this designer utilizes delicate beading to create trendy lehengas and gowns for modern brides.

Mrunalini Rao

Mrunalini Rao – Ever so elegant and poised, this label is known to produce unique and colorful bridal wear that will have you standing out on your special day.

Jayanti Reddy

Jayanti Reddy – The intricately embroidered details on each of their pieces will make you feel like royalty as you shine your way down the aisle.

Jade by Monica and Karishma

Jade by Monica and Karishma – These trendsetting lehengas will make you a one-of-a-kind bride with style to envy.

Mayyur Girotra

Mayyur Girotra – Featuring traditional designs on contemporary silhouettes, this label pushes the envelope of bridal couture.


Gaurang – Known for being the king of textiles, this designer showcases the history of South Asia embedded within their pieces.


Sabyasachi – Embedded within this label is the timelessness of South Asian roots, and this is definitely the place to go for your bridal lehengas and sarees.

Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre – Here you can find the fairytale lehengas that every bride has dreamt of. The details are immaculate and the creativity, limitless.

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