16 Ways to Add Color to Your Wedding

Make your first impression a colorful one. “Your invitation suite is often the first glimpse your loved ones will have of your wedding. Incorporating bold color choices in your save-the-dates, announcements, and invitations can spark major excitement and FOMO from your wedding guest invitees.” —Maya Holihan, Founder & CEO, EWedded

wedding invitation stationery
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wedding stationery
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Create a signature motif. “We love when couples choose a motif, custom crest, or repeating icon to incorporate throughout their wedding day. This can be a fun way to add color into different aspects of your wedding day while keeping the entire day’s design cohesive. Think about the possibilities: your custom design could be included in your invitations, place cards, menus, cocktail napkins, signage, dance floor… the options are endless!” —AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director, AJ Events

wedding invitations
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Start with your venue. “If you gravitate toward bold color or statement-making modern art, consider hosting your wedding in a gallery or museum! Frequently known for colorful exhibits, dramatic architecture, and curated collections, these wedding venues are works of art in and of themselves. They often provide such a vibrant backdrop that you can end up saving a ton of money on décor. You can also find a venue with a nearby mural or graffiti wall. It’s the perfect polychromatic background for your ceremony — and, of course, your wedding photos!” —Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide

outdoor wedding reception
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Color can be incorporated everywhere. “From the groom and groomsmen ties and bridesmaid dresses to the flowers, as well as linens and chair pads. Color can even be incorporated on unexpected elements such as bright rugs at the ceremony, a colorful backdrop for the head table, band stage and photobooth wall, place cards and signage, and even colorful floral in the bride and attendants’ hair.” —Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning

colorful bridesmaids dresses
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wedding flowers
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Your linens are the easiest way. “By far, the easiest way to add a pop of color into your day is one that’s often over-looked: your linens! Cocktail hour can sparkle with specialty linens on cocktail tables, and place settings can wow with a beautifully textured or deep jewel-toned napkin. Rather than overwhelming the eye with bright floral, bright place settings, and specialty lighting, focus on what ambience and aesthetic you’re trying to create and how you want guests to feel during your event. This process can help you hone in on some thoughtful ways to include color, rather than creating a chaotic scene for guests to digest.” —Ashley Lachney, Owner of Alston Mayger Events

wedding linens

wedding handkerchiefs
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Take inspiration from nature. “Embrace the colors of the season. Add a jewel tone or a texture to really amp up the richness of the colors! Have fun with color!” —Jamie & Stephanie, Cape Cod Celebrations

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Get creative with florals. “We see so many weddings with muted tones; we love when we have a couple that loves to play with color! It is amazing what you can do with flowers when thinking outside of whites, greens, and blush.” —Jamie & Stephanie

wedding bouquet
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bridal bouquet
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bridal bouquet
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Consider all your options. “There are so many ways to incorporate it without it feeling too overwhelming or over the top. First, color in your florals is always the best way to go because it looks elegant and beautiful and creates that fun splash of color on your tables or in your bouquets against a more neutral background. Another way to add subtle color is to stationery goods, like menus, table numbers, bar signs, etc. Lastly, if you want to add some additional hints of color, add a colorful napkin to the table to make each place setting stand out a bit.” —Kari Dirksen, Feathered Arrow Events

wedding place setting
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Remember, bold hues don’t have to completely take over your event. “The neutral-toned wedding trend lasted way too long and we are ready for some color! Bold hues don’t have to completely take over your event. If it feels too much, stick with the neutrals but add in more vibrant tones in some of your details — tablescapes, bridesmaids dresses, paper goods. You get the elegance and sophistication of neutrals, but the fun of color. The best of both worlds.” —Nora Sheils, Founder Bridal Bliss + Co-Founder of Rock Paper Coin

neutral wedding place setting
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Add color to your paper goods. “Adding color within the invitation suite is the perfect way to introduce your pretty palette to loved ones. It can be as subtle as the printed ink color(s) or as bold as choosing to have your invitation printed on colored card stock, rather than traditional white or ivory. Couples can also add color through stationery accessories, such as envelopes, pocket bases, belly band wraps, envelope liners, wax seals, and ribbon, as well as various day-of details. Think menu cards, escort cards, table numbers, cocktail napkins, and signage, just to name a few.” —Meghan Shaughnessy, Lace and Belle

wedding invitations
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Be authentic with the color scheme. “If there is anything we know about weddings, neutral-toned ones have been popular for years. This is why we are so delighted to announce that the 2022 wedding color trends will welcome bold and vibrant palettes into celebrations. It is time to move over neutral-toned weddings and choose a bold splash palette for your own! Use whatever combination inspires you, warm or earthy tone palette, or maybe monochromatic tones with unexpected flashes of vibrant hues. Try to be authentic with the color scheme and have the Pinterest rich palette wedding you want so much. There are infinite possibilities for incorporating and coordinating colors to your wedding. Experts in the industry predict that the wedding color trends for the next year will include pink-purple Orchid Bloom, fresh Fair Green, Coral Rose, and deep Cascade blue.” —Johanne Piverger, JP Events & Design

wedding place setting
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Add color to your attire. “Naturally, brides always want their wedding to be cohesive when picking the right tones — from the bouquet and attire down to the tablecloth and the centerpieces. If you’re going to go the subtle way and still add a splash of color on your big day, be a bit brave and include some colored elements on your all-white wedding dress! Since pink-purple orchid bloom is a wedding color 2022, a pair of heels or hairpieces in this shade is an excellent idea. Consider matching it with your groom’s bow-tie and boutonniere or even with his waistcoat and suit if he is all about going bold!” —Johanne Piverger

wedding bride and groom
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Put a pop of color on your table setting. “Place vibrant tablecloths and napkins on each table, and coordinate them with the floral arrangements. Use one of the predicted wedding color trends for tablecloths. We suggest a fresh fair green tablecloth with bubblegum pink peonies and green leaves so that the floral arrangement has that colorful rustic but still elegant feel. Complement the setting with a bold green escort card with pink or gold adornment. If you do not like pink, try using another wedding color 2022, for example, orange — it will be a top choice. The earthy green tone will match either pink or orange, so no mistakes here; do as you please!” —Johanne Piverger

wedding place setting
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Try monochromatic colored bridesmaid dresses. “Complete your bridesmaids’ look with one of the wedding color trends; for example, the cascade blue is a fantastic hue for bridesmaids’ dresses. Let each one pick her tone! They will choose the gown they like, and you will have a bold splash of color-coordinated wedding detail.” —Johanne Piverger

Less is not more: colorful desserts. “Aren’t you bored of the same all-white cakes with some shy and pale floral adornment at the top? Your wedding dessert will be unique and stylish if you use bright-colored cake toppers like a coral pink. You could complement the topper with a splash of coral pink and gold color on the first tier.” —Johanne Piverger

Add a vibrant colored signature cocktail. “Also, consider serving vibrant colored signature cocktails. Some blue lagoons or mai tai will go with the vibe. In addition, we suggest a garnish station with a lot of tone-clashing combos. Your guest will love to decorate their drink with strawberries, raspberries, cherries, or orange slices. Thanks to the drinks or edible decorations in playful and vivid colors, your wedding event will reflect a bright design that will stand out.” —Johanne Piverger

bride and groom
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