20 Beautiful Wedding Dresses by Monica Loretti


Known in Europe for her intricate lace patterns, exquisite embroidery, and attention to detail, Monica Loretti creates unforgettable couture wedding dresses at an affordable price point. Since her gowns are all manufacturered at her own atelier in Europe, they can easily be customized and even rushed — brides are able to receive their Monica Loretti gowns in approximately 10-12 weeks, as opposed to the normal delivery time of 5-9 months. Scroll through our favorite gowns from Monica Loretti and her bohemian sister collection, Daniela di Marino.

Ruffles and Pleats

Make a striking statement with cascading ruffles and gorgeous tulle pleats.  

Monica Loretti, Style 8193

 monica loretti 8193a

Monica Loretti, Style 8207

monica loretti 8207a

Daniela Di Marino, Style 6343

danieladimarinodanieladimarino 6343


Romantic off-the-shoulder sleeves began as a trend and are now part of classic bridal style. 

Monica Loretti, Style 8181

monica loretti 8181

Monica Loretti, Style 8211

monica loretti 8211

Monica Loretti, Style 8183

monica loretti 8183

Sleek and Chic

For the bride who loves clean lines, sleek shapes, and geometrical elements, these minimalist gowns are trending in a big way. 

Monica Loretti, Style 8201

monica loretti 8201

Monica Loretti, Style 8204

monica loretti 8204

Monica Loretti, Style 8196

monica loretti 8196

Couture Elements  

Monica Loretti is known for mixing traditional elements with couture trends, like oversized sleeves, intricate embellishments, and detachable add-ons like capes. 

Daniella di Marino, Style 6342

daniela di marino 6342

Monica Loretti, Style 8204 with Cape   

monica loretti 8204

Monica Loretti, Style 8206

monica loretti 8206

Monica Loretti, Style 8182

 monica loretti 8182

Daniela Di Marino, Style 6366 with Cape

danieladimarino 6366 cape

Daniela di Marino, Style 6354

monica loretti 6354

Daniela di Marino, Style 6369 with Cape

danieladimarino 6369 cape

Boho Vibes

From beach weddings to romantic elopements, these light and airy gowns are perfect for the effortless bride. 

Monica Loretti, Style 8180 

 Monica loretti 8180

Monica Loretti, Style 8190

monica loretti 8190

Daniela di Marino, Style 6364

daniela di marino 6364

Daniela di Marino, Style 6341

daniela di marino 6341

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