22 Must-See ’90s-Themed Wedding Ideas

Are you planning the ’90s-themed wedding of your dreams? We’re here to help with these creative ’90s-themed wedding ideas for venues, dresses, decor, and everything in between. 

Decade-themed weddings can be fun and classy if you know when to choose your moments, and a celebration that takes inspiration from the 1990s is no exception. Whether you’re planning a ’90s ceremony, reception, or both, a little goes a long way when attempting to bring this colorful era to life. The good news is that couples and planners alike have a lot of room to play with nostalgic ideas from popular designs, music, and attire. Keep reading to discover some out-of-the-box ’90s-themed wedding ideas that are all that … and a bag of chips. 

What is a ’90s-themed wedding? 

A ’90s-themed wedding is a ceremony and/or reception that focuses on the highlights of the era. Given that it was a time when the concept of pop culture really took off thanks to the Internet, it’s no surprise that people have a strong emotional connection with the many symbols associated with it — especially now, a period in which ‘90s kids make up the majority of couples tying the knot.

Practically everything we interact with today, from technology to entertainment to fashion, was influenced by the ‘90s in some way. Iconic television shows like Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air still act as cultural touchstones for people of all ages, while the stars of those shows, like Jennifer Aniston and Will Smith, are arguably as relevant today as they were all those years ago. 

Take a trip back in time with these hella fly ‘90s-themed wedding ideas:

A ’90s-themed wedding is perfect for couples who love and appreciate the decade and all the amazing things that came out of it. Being so, we’ve handpicked these 22 1990s-inspired wedding ideas — all of which are totally rad.

Creative ’90s-themed wedding ideas for decor

As with all decades, the 1990s aesthetic took inspiration from the decades before it and changed as the years went on. The key to picking the right color scheme is identifying which ‘90s aesthetic it is you want to highlight, whether that be bright colors and geometric shapes or a neutral, moody color palette that also shaped the decade.

Whether you want to go all-out or simply add some ‘90s touches here and there, the decor is really where you can make your ‘90s-themed wedding pop. Take the following ideas and let your imagination run wild.

1. Center your decor around ‘90s shapes and designs — even when it comes to your wedding cake.

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2. Create a ‘90s-themed photo wall, complete with colorful graffiti and ‘90s-inspired terms. Add photo booth props such as Game Boys, Bop Its, or any of the other iconic toys that every ‘90s kid needed to have.

3. Create light-up flower boxes for arrangements out of cassette tapes and battery-powered twinkle lights with a little craft glue. 

4. DIY or buy a balloon arch for the entrance of your venue that uses ‘90s colors to welcome your guests in as they travel back in time. 

5. Scatter Ring Pops or Pop Rocks across a runner for extra ’90s pizzazz on every table. 

‘90s-themed wedding ideas for invitations and save-the-dates

Although you’ll probably want to keep your theme somewhat understated to avoid looking kitschy at the wedding, you can go all out with your ’90s-themed wedding invitations or save-the-date cards. If you don’t know where to start, think about what drew you both to this idea in the first place. Was it a particular movie or TV show? Color palette? Music? Use that to influence your design.

6. Create a faux neon sign effect with a glossy black background and your announcement written in neon pink, green, or blue. Add circles, squiggles, triangles, and straight lines like confetti around the edges. 

7. Want to go above and beyond and really embrace the theme? Use actual cassettes to create a mixtape with your wedding playlist, then add invitation details printed on the notes that come inside. 

8. Add lyrics from your favorite ’90s jam like the example below, which includes a boom box and the words “it takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it outta sight.”

Flat Save The Date Card

Flat Save The Date Card

9. If you and your soon-to-be spouse grew up in the ‘90s, find the most quintessential ‘90s photos you can of yourselves and put them side by side with something like, “These two ‘90s babies are tying the knot!”

’90s-themed wedding ideas for dresses and outfits

You have lots of options for both formal and informal wear at a ’90s-themed wedding. Whether you want to wear the traditional white wedding dress and pair it with a ’90s accessory like a jean jacket or go with a neon-inspired look, there are tons of ways to tie in this theme. 

10. Go authentic ’90s with a thrifted or borrowed wedding dress that was actually from the era. You’ll probably know whether or not it’s a ’90s gown by the off-the-shoulder sleeves, mini hemline, or bolero style collar. 

11. Embellish your names onto a pair of denim jackets to wear over your wedding outfits. Or, really lean into the theme and find some ‘90s colorblock jackets or windbreakers to throw on for your photoshoot.

12. Include some totally trendy ’90s accessories to pair with your modern gown. Think pearled headbands, colorful scrunchies, and fanny packs.

13. Find out which ‘90s shoes are back in style and throw on a pair for the reception.

Song ideas for your ’90s-themed wedding

The best song ideas for your ’90s-themed wedding pull from the hottest genres of the decade: rock and roll, dance-pop, and hip hop. Whether you choose an instrumental version to play as you walk down the aisle or set up all the best jams to play at your reception, no ’90s-themed wedding is complete without some of these great tunes. 

14. Go full-on pop with icons like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Ace of Base. 

15. Dance to Salt-N-Pepa, Dr. Dre, and early Jay-Z if you want more hip-hop influence. 

16. Air guitar along with remixed dance versions of rock legends like Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and R.E.M. 

17. Struggling for inspiration? This Rolling Stone list ranks the Top 50 songs of the decade, from Daft Punk’s “Around the World” to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Fifty songs not enough? This article ranks every No. 1 song of the 1990s from No. 140 all the way down.

Venues that are perfect for a ’90s-themed wedding

Between retro dance clubs and event spaces featuring related designs, we’ve got you covered with venue ideas as well as venues that you can actually book today.

18. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: The Cleveland-based museum has been host to weddings, galas, and corporate events for many years now. Choose between seven floors of exhibits and outdoor space, or select just one area for your reception. It may be hard to choose, though, with options like a waterfront atrium, a beer garden, and world-famous exhibition halls with real rock memorabilia from throughout the decades. Even if you don’t want to have your nuptials in Ohio, throwing your ‘90s-themed wedding ceremony and reception in a music museum or concert hall is a great alternative. 

19. Two Bit Circus: The ‘90s were an amazing time for video games (as the Netflix documentary High Score will attest to). Whether you’re a fan of old-fashioned pinball games or want to try out some virtual headsets, this Los Angeles-based event space is perfect for your big day. Their Micro Amusement Park hosts groups of 10 or more for private parties. The package includes multiplayer midway games, story rooms, and fully immersive VR experiences. Looking for something similar where you are? Classic arcade bars and retro bowling alleys are a fun way to get that ‘90s vibe.

20. The Schuyler: Looking for something a touch more formal without sacrificing that ‘90s-themed wedding look? Try this art-deco event space in Washington, D.C. Clean lines and neon lights make this wedding venue perfect for a subtle take on the biggest themes from this decade. In fact, this space is known for its professional, theatre-grade lighting, which means you can dramatically transform it with the help of their in-house engineers.

21. Corinthian Grand Ballroom: For ‘90s-themed weddings with larger guest lists, a ballroom like this is a great option. Not only does the Corinthian Grand Ballroom have twinkle-light-covered palm trees indoors, but they also have neon mood lighting and gothic chandeliers, which will surely be appreciated by some of the ‘90s kids in attendance. Fine touches like these are both classy, elegant, and on-theme, so no matter the venue, be sure to look out for details that inspire your favorite flavor of the ‘90s.

22. Il Villaggio Exclusive Weddings and Special Events: This grand wedding venue is great for ‘90s-themed weddings that want to incorporate luxury experiences, live music, and plenty of neon lights. This venue has all of that and more, including crystal chandeliers and award-winning caterers. If you’re looking for something similar in a different area, try ‘90s wedding venues that can host throwback cover bands and look elegant at the same time. 

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As we’ve seen in the above examples and ideas, the key to pulling off a party based on any decade is a combination of the symbols that represent that time period and the things that you connected with most.

Up next, take your ‘90s-themed wedding even further by taking inspiration from this list of 33 ways to wow your wedding guests on your big day.