The ultimate bride pose guide to ensure you love your photos!

We know the adrenaline rush you get as your big day approaches. Apart from the venue, guest list, food, functions, and wedding dress, posing for the pictures also makes an essential element at the wedding. So, the key to posing is not to pose at all. Bridal photos must not feel forced. Posing naturally often gets you some fantastic and dreamy shots. These tips by Cocomelody stylists will make sure you don’t feel embarrassed seeing yourself in the wedding album.

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Preparing For the Bridal Photoshoot 

Posing for bridal pictures isn’t the same as posing for the ‘gram. From candid to formal portraits, close-ups, and group shots – your photographer will be taking a lot of well-framed and memorable photos you will cherish all your life. If you aren’t camera shy, posing for the shoot might feel like a breeze. But if you stress the spotlight, here are some tips to help you feel your best for your wedding day pictures.

  1. Hire Professionals You Can Count On

Someone who aligns with your vision and values is your best bet. It is crucial to hire a wedding photography team that supports you and understands you. If you don’t feel confident with their practices, move on to another one. Also, make sure to hire photo and video services from the same studio for better communication.

  1. Understand Your Style

Every bride has her unique style and personality. So, besides understanding your photographer’s flair, it is also essential to know your style. Only then will you will be able to get decent bridal photos, highlighting even the minutest details. But, what details?

Wedding Dress:

Photographers love to capture the tiniest details of your fashion. Because they know it is special for you too. It can include your gorgeous wedding dress, styling accessories, other accents, detailing of the design, and more. You can also get yourself a long veil, incorporating it into your photoshoot in numerous ways. Besides, the photographer can bring out the best features of your wedding dress. You, too, can suggest what you want to display – be it the unique silhouette, its train, details on the sleeves, and embellishments. You can also take a look at our 2022 wedding dress collection to know what is trending!

Different Locations: 

Choose limited but the best locations to maximize photo time. Your photographer can make any site work; trust their creative abilities and give your best.

First Look:the first look photoshoot

This is one of the most extraordinary moments. It makes for the most genuine photos that will always leave you teary-eyed for all good reasons.

Hair & Makeup: 

The team can document the final touches, some candid moments, and that natural to the all-glam look of yours.

Couple Time: 

Get spectacular couple shots during the golden hour or any time of the day that best captures your romance and affection.

Photo Credit: @baileyfillmorephotos ; Dress style:CW2368

Sneak Away Sessions:

This could be after the end of the functions or somewhere in between for a few minutes. Your photographer can click fun shots or something dramatic.

Entry & Exit:

You could plan a fantastic entry and exit, making the shot unique and stunning in its own way. Welcoming and seeing off the couple makes for great photos and a must-capture detail.

  1. Don’t Over Practice

Let the pros guide you best, but do your research too to avoid stressing last minute. Practice, but do not over-practice the shots, or it can get counterproductive. We have seen brides who think too hard about nailing their shots and end up messing up. Don’t let that happen to you – your team will ensure capturing the details and guide you throughout the time. All you have to do is be yourself and stay natural.

  1. Communicate Well

Communicate your vision and ideas without hesitating. It is always good to have your thoughts reflected in your wedding pictures to get that touch of you. The right team knows their stuff and can practically do whatever is in their power to make you happy and the wedding photos worthy. If you don’t feel what they are doing, put your opinion forward. The only way to get natural and memorable

 pictures is to eliminate the insecurities, not just with photos but also with bridal shopping.

bridal photoshoot ideas

  1. Try These Shots

Body language is crucial for your wedding pictures to shine. Avoid slouching, think happy thoughts, smile from the eyes, and take pauses to break the monotony. Talking about the poses, try these:

  • Face to face
  • Side by side
  • Hand in hand
  • The almost kiss
  • Forehead kiss
  • Chasing/ embracing each other
  • Look away/ walk away
  • Come back/ look back
  • Natural interactions
  • Strolling around
  • Playing around with the dress
  • Twirl-twirl-twirl
  • Kiss under the veil

These, and many others, or the ones your photographers suggest, will undoubtedly make the best wedding photos – ones you will cherish for the years to come.

Photo Credit: 1@wanderingwildhearts Dress style: CW2299;2,3@sshyphotography  Dress style: CW2368;4@hollynicole22  Dress style: LD5861;5  Jaci Berkopec  Dress style:LD5830.

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