5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

Your flower girl is the sweetest, cutest, and youngest member of the bridal party. She’s the last member of the wedding party to walk down the aisle before you make your grand entry. Having the most adorable role to play, i.e., paving the way for the bride’s entrance, she adds a cute quotient to the party, and she definitely deserves an outfit that shows her best self.

Hers is literally the tiniest ensemble that deserves as much attention as the bridal dress. But finding a fit for the youngest participant at the wedding that also complements the party can be challenging. If you’re wondering what she should be wearing, here are five tips on buying the best flower girl dress.

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Most flower girls are between the age of four and eight. So, you must involve her parents as they’ll do the most work leading to the wedding. And even before that, formally propose to them the idea of choosing their little one as your flower girl, just as you propose to your bridesmaids.

Also, since her parents will pay for the dress, it is courteous to have them accompany you on dress shopping unless you plan to gift her the outfit. You would want her to feel confident, look adorable, and seamlessly blend into the party vibes. So don’t forget to involve her and her parents in picking the most suitable dress.

tips for choosing a flower girl dress

This is especially important if you’re buying the dress well before the wedding. Young kids grow pretty quickly, and no one wants to be stuck with alterations leading to the wedding day. So, if you’ll be ordering the dress in advance, don’t fret about going a size up. The idea is not to make her wear anything shabby and bigger than usual. Allow her to grow into the dress, and she’ll look equally adorable.

tips for choosing a flower girl dress

Flower girl dresses can be simple and elegant or fancy and ornate. It can match the bridal gown to create a mini-bride look. But that isn’t something you have to stick to. Most brides wish the flower girl dress to tie with the wedding aesthetics. So, you can create a distinctive look for her while maintaining her innocence and complementing the wedding theme.

Dress details matter. So, you must choose the length, style, and fabric right for her age and what she can easily handle. In terms of fabric, soft tulle, crochet lace, and delicate satin are the best choices for the very joyful at heart. For sleeves, capped sleeves make for a modest and sweet look, but sleeveless gowns look and feel equally stunning. A lovely floor-length ball gown or a tea-length dress makes the ideal lengths. Dig a little deep, and choose the right neckline too. For instance, the bateau neckline has a class and sophistication not just for bridal gowns, but you can also find pretty variations for the flower girl dress.

Flower girl dresses range from $40 to $500 plus, and the parents usually cover the cost. You can find ready-made and made-to-order dresses at departmental stores or specialty bridal shops. Generally, brides cover the cost of flower baskets, flowers, confetti, grains, bouquets, petals, hair wreaths, etc. However, some gracious brides go above and beyond to gift the dress to the little one. Whatever way you choose to go, avoid anything overly expensive. Always check the price with her parents and find the perfect fit for the smallest attendant at the wedding.

Dress style: CF0243

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