6 Wedding Trends 2020

6 Wedding Trends 2020

Some brides are looking for something fresh for their wedding, something more than just the traditional approach. For those brides, it’s important to keep up with the current trends when planning your wedding. Every year, there are new and often amazing trends that brides can’t wait to use from their wedding. Here, you can learn all about the top 6 wedding trends in 2020.

Eco-Friendly Weddings

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One of the biggest trends that has been increasing in popularity for a long time is a “greener” wedding. Sustainable weddings are not only great for the environment, but they can also be great for your wedding budget. Did you know that on average, a wedding can produce up to 400 lbs. of garbage as well as 63 tons of carbon dioxide? Upcycling is an important part of this, meaning that you reuse items rather than buy all new ones. Some ideas include using heirloom wedding rings, repurposing fake flowers, and other ways to create as little waste as possible.

Non-Traditional Wedding Parties

In the past, grooms would pick only men for their wedding party and brides would only pick women. It didn’t matter if their best friend (or most of their closest friends) were of the opposite gender. These days, it doesn’t matter the gender because the wedding parties are comprised of whoever the couple’s closest friends are. The fact is that statistically speaking, about 75% of men and 65% of women have close, platonic relationships with the opposite gender. The wedding party should reflect the people you are closest to, not what gender they are.

Smaller Weddings

Once upon a time, people believed the bigger the guest list the better the party was. This meant that you may have invited as many people as possible regardless of how close you are to them. Micro-weddings are now becoming the trend, with weddings having 40 people or less. The goal is to only have the couple’s closest friends and family rather than people they may not be familiar with.

Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage rings have noticed an increase in popularity in recent years. One reason has to do with the trend in upcycling old items, but another reason for this trend is because people just love the classic look. Brides want to be unique and anyone can get a ring from a regular jeweler, but a vintage ring may be more special.

New Approach to Headwear

For a while, wearing a tiara with the veil was the popular approach. These days, brides are trending more towards things like combs or barrettes rather than the extravagant tiaras. This look is great for holding back your natural curls or when you want to look amazing without the veil at your reception.

The Flowers

Brides in the past tended to favor such classics as roses and calla lilies, fresh from the florist. These days, that isn’t always the case. You are seeing a lot more natural greenery and wildflowers as the centerpieces and even in the bouquets. You will also notice a lot more fake flowers than real ones.

There are a lot of other trends to watch out for, including pantsuit wedding “dresses” or wedding dresses that look like dresses that also have pantsuits or a cocktail length dress as part of the dress so the bride can change for her reception. These trends can give you the exact inspiration you have been looking for when planning your wedding.

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