Amazing Wedding Cakes Phuket

Amazing Wedding Cakes Phuket

Not every woman will admit it, but most of us have been planning our perfect wedding in our head for a very long time.  When this momentous occasion come, everything has to appear the way we imagined it to be from the venue, reception, wedding gown and even the smallest details such as the wedding cake.  Unfortunately, when we are planning about our wedding, we never imagined how expensive it will be.  A considerable amount of women would prefer to choose a second-rated wedding cake to reduce the expenses.  However, there are ways on how to have amazing wedding cakes Phuket that are within your budget.

Tips on How to Have Amazing Wedding Cakes that is Within Your Budget


Budget-friendly and amazing wedding cakes can be achieved when you do-it-yourself or rather bake-it-yourself.  You can watch an instructional video on YouTube.  All types of instructional video can now be found on YouTube.  Based on some of the most renowned provider of wedding cakes, there are three factors that affect the perfection of cake; texture, timing, and temperature.  By considering these factors, you will be able to achieve the perfect cake for your wedding.



Instead of going through the details of your cake, you can ask them for amazing wedding cakes with statement.  One of the factors that affect the cost of the wedding cake would be the intricate detail.  But you do not need to be too drawn on the details as there are ways to make it eye-catching without those fancy details.  You can ask them to use bright and contrasting hues that will surely interest your guest.



Cupcakes are quickly becoming an alternative to amazing wedding cakes.  They are stacked and decorated in order to make a fabulous cake.  You can also prepare a cheaper wedding cake if you really want to have a wedding cake apart from the cupcakes.

Match the Season

If you still want to have striking and amazing wedding cakes on that momentous day but you do not want to splurge money, let the wedding cake match the season.  It should not be restricted to wedding theme and glamorous details.  You may design it based on the season such as a snowy wedding cake during winter season. However, refrain from putting too much detail to avoid making it look like a Christmas cake.

By following some of the recommended tips above, you will be able to have amazing wedding cakes minus the excessive tag price.  You will be able to maintain the elegance and glamour of your wedding without literally breaking the bank if you consider these tips.  Remember that the wedding is not just defined by the glamour but it is a celebration of a union of two people who love each other.

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