Bachelor Party Planning Tips Phuket

Bachelor Party Planning Tips Phuket

The bachelor party is obviously a big event knowing someone is about to be married, and there is an impending end to a chapter of life.

Bachelor Party Planning Tips#1: The Guest List


For the bachelor party to go on as planned and to minimize any hitches, the guest list must be kept to a manageable proportion and should not include people who are not the best of pals. Normally, the best man choreographs the event with a male-only crew that includes the groom’s relatives and friends.

Bachelor Party Planning Tips#2: Pick the Location


There is no set rule as to where the party must hold, but the direction of modern evens is turning away from the raunchy field of gambling, booze and strippers. Weekend trips that could include some bit of traveling, a local bar outing or some party on a budget will be fitting.

Bachelor Party Planning Tips#3: Time It Right


The party needs to be held at a right time and certainly not a night before the wedding. The thought of a hangover on the wedding day is almost unbearable and the nervousness on the big day need not be compounded by a hangover.

For peace of mind, it can hold anytime from a month before the wedding, and this timing needs to be well communicated in advance in case people need to come in from outside of town. Invitations should be out at least three weeks ahead of the event. This will enable guests reserve the day and avoid clash of schedules knowing that other events could be gunning for their attention as well.

Bachelor Party Planning Tips#4: Think About It

The groomsman is the host of the event and should be mindful of vital comportment demands:

  • Arrange for a car hire where possible and avoid anyone driving while drunk. You don’t want to record fatalities on such a day and cast a negative mood on the forthcoming wedding. These are simple errors to be avoided.
  • Lay up something in the works and work with the groom’s crew to spring a surprise that will hit home and be remarkable.
  • Give attention to the groom and remember it is all for him and about him. Watch out for people who get drunk and want to taunt him for one reason or the other. Shield him from anyone who wants to get cranky. Watch out and enforce it when the groom says ‘stop’ to any diversion or initiative that is getting on his nerves. Everyone should be ready to split the cost at the event except for the groom
  • Make a plan for an event weekend, while carousing is easy, you can think of something more creative.
  • Keep the camera close by and grab those photo stills!