As a bride, you are the STAR OF THE SHOW. Your wedding ceremony is your Oscar night, and the Oscars afterparty is your chance to do a whole new round of outfit, hair, and make-up looks. So walk into the changing room, slip into a sparkly sequin or satin mini dress, and get all set to rock the reception. The wedding reception and the reception dress for brides is always a thrilling experience. It entirely changes the mood of the gathering and surprises the guests with your “other” side. The Cocomelody team has helped hundreds of brides pick their glam reception looks. We have a huge 2022 reception dress collection at for every bride and their distinct vibe. DO YOU REALLY NEED A RECEPTION DRESS? It isn’t mandatory, not a rule either. You don’t necessarily have to have a new look for the party. You can indeed save resources and wear your wedding dress right into the reception. But if you wish to and can spare some money, getting a reception dress does make sense. Go ahead – get that stunning dress you have been eyeing all this while. After your wedding photos are done, slip out of that extravagant wedding gown and head to the reception […]

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