Bridal wedding make-up tips

Why Bridal Make-Up trials are so important for each bride to be? Watch this video, like us if you think the content is useful and stay tuned for many more ideas and tricks from wedding planner Bespoke Experiences.

Bridal wedding make up tips is an important topic for each bride to be. One of the most important parts of the bridal hair and make-up experience is the trials. Serving as a “dress rehearsal” for the big day – trial services will ensure that you are a radiant and tranquil bride! Can you imagine being surprised how you look on the big day?  It just is not smart to wait until that final day to see if that particular hair style or make-up colors are going to work for you.  There are so many styles to choose from and they are not going to work for every bride.  Your unique look is important to determine BEFORE the wedding date! Trials are typically scheduled 2-3 weeks before your wedding day so that the information is fresh in the stylists mind. Some brides want to know immediately what their “look” will be or desire a test run to see if the stylists and make-up artists are the best for them. When having a hair consultation it is a good idea to have your hair washed and dried with no product in it.  Bringing your veil, headpiece or tiara is extremely important.  We always advise that brides wait until they have these in hand to do a trial.  Of course when coming for a make-up trial, having a face free of any foundation, mascara, etc is important.  A good service provider will spend at least an hour with you to ensure that the look is perfect.  Share with your stylist and make-up artist how you want to feel as a bride.  Good communication is the key to a successful trial so do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas.  Pictures from magazines of what you want are helpful to guide the stylist and make-up artist.  A picture of your gown is also helpful to fully understand the type of wedding look you are going for.  Together you and the service provider will find a design that will suit your ideas, your dress, your face, your skin type, and your hair length and style.  Keep in mind that the pictures of models that you rip from a magazine may have completely different hair and skin tones.