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Chinese Weddings Phuket

Asian Spirit Weddings / Chinese Weddings Phuket
After living in China for six years, Bespoke Experiences owner Alexandra has a unique knowledge and understanding of the Chinese culture. We know that many couple choose to host their Chinese weddings in Phuket in a  traditional or modern style. Wedding Planner Bespoke Experiences is passionate about creating special Asian spirit weddings with a unique Chinese style. We understand how to accommodate a wide range of styles and knows how to make sure communication is clear when speaking in Chinese to our customers. Our services are diverse and our goal is always to allow the couple to create their special day exactly how they envision it. Whether you choose your wedding to be Chinese style or to take place in a Thai temple, on a beach in Phuket, or in a church wearing a traditional red qipao, beach cocktail dress or a designer wedding gown enjoying a traditional tea ceremony, martini or glass of champagne we will design your perfect wedding experience.
At Bespoke Experiences we also have professional wedding partners in China where you can meet face-to-face to discuss your Destination Wedding in Phuket.

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