Clever Guest Book Ideas For Your Big Wedding Day

Clever Guest Book Ideas For Your Big Wedding Day

 Well, your wedding day is just around the corner, the only thing left to plan is the guestbook all the guest attending your reception will sign as each one arrives. The idea of your friends and relatives signing the standard wedding guest book does not feel right. You want something that stands out and will be remembered for sometime after the big day is over. You want something that reflects both you and your new husband’s personalities.

Here are some wedding guest book themes to consider.

Quilt Book

Assemble patches of high-quality cotton quilting fabric of different colors in piles at the sign-in desk. Each piece is roughly 3 inches across and 4 inches long. Provide permanent fabric pens, each quest signs a patch and writes a best wishes message on it. After a while hold a quilting party and sew the pieces into a quilt that will last for years.

Vintage Postcards

Sending postcards has all but died out. Remember when someone you knew went on vacations you got a postcard, “Wish you were here.”

Provide vintage postcards at the sign-in desk, if possible display the blank cards in a metal swivel rack. A guest takes an unsigned card and writes his/her name, address, and a wedding best wishes note. The signed card is then dropped into a mock-up of a postal letter drop box.

Wedding Guest Birthday Calendar

This is great for remembering the birthdays of the guests who attended your wedding. You want a great calendar for this,  go to a good quality stationery store and get a beautiful 12-month calendar. The kind with the blank squares under each date. When your guests arrive, have them sign the calendar under the day for their birthday.

Snare Drum Wedding Guest Book

Your new husband was a drummer in a band at one time in his life, and he still has his old snare drum. Place the snare drum on its stand and have the guests sign the drum’s surface with a permanent ink marker.

 Photo Album Guest Book

Here is a very unique idea quite possibly not found on the web. When you send out the wedding invitations, ask each guest to send you a photo of themselves with their written RSVP. Get a new photo album, as the RSVPs arrive to place the photo of each guest that returned a photo in the collection. The photo album becomes the guest sign-in book. Each guest finds his/her own picture and signs in under their image. Make sure that you leave enough room under the guest’s photo for them to sign their name and leave a wedding message.


Unfinished Rocking Chair Guest Book

Find an unfinished wooden rocking chair at a local furniture store. When your guests arrive have them sign the unfinished wooden rocking chair. Later finish the chair by adding clear varnish to seal the guest signatures onto the chair.

Library Card Guest Wedding Book

Get a new photo album, glue miniature manila envelopes to the blank pages. Maybe four envelopes per page. Insert blank library cards, your guests can open the book locate an unsigned library card, remove it from the mini pouch, sign it and put it back in the envelope.

Date Night Wedding Guest Book

Layout pads of sticky notes in the pastel colors and have your guests sign them and leave ideas for date nights for the wedding couple. Have your guests place the signed letters in a decorative wooden box or a large vase or jar. The when it is date night you and your spouse can read the suggestions made by your guests when you were married.



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