{Designer Blog}Tips of Adults-Only Wedding Invitation Etiquette

We always find it is very difficult that deciding whether to invite children to your wedding! Children cry, run, draw attention from the bride to themselves and spoil luxurious dresses and cakes with enviable stubbornness.
Let’s hear our  professional designers Lana whether have a better tips s of Adults-only wedding invitation etiquette.

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She paint in oils, create illustrations for microstocks and creative marketplaces, and work as a graphic designer. And all the time she will find something new and interesting for herself, including one of her areas of work – creating designs for wedding invitations and greeting cards.

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#1 Tell Guests Your Rules

How can you be sure that all guests know about it?

  1. Address your invitations correctly, using only the names of people without the dubious and faceless “guest”. Do this in such a way that the recipient understands that the invitations are personal and personal.
  2. Without any excuses or excuses, write in short words that children cannot be brought to the event in your wedding inviation wordings. You don’t have to explain something to someone, your holiday is your rules.

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#2 Emphasize it on Website

Also, make sure that the “adults only” condition is written on your wedding website, if available. If any of the guests stubbornly plans to bring a child with them, contact the person personally.

Here it is already possible to tactfully explain the reason for the ban on children. It is important to emphasize that you will still be glad to see a guest, but only without the kids.

useful Adults only Wedding Invitation wordins tips

#3 Hire Animator or Nanny

If your budget is sufficient, and some of your guests may have children who simply have no one to leave with.

Shouldn’t you refuse to hold a wedding because the guests can’t come?

In this case, it is worth hiring an animator or nanny so that the children are in a separate room and do not disturb either you or their parents.

Last But Not Least

The main thing in any invitation is that you yourself would be pleased to design and send them to guests.

Whatever questions you are concerned about, remember that a wedding is your day, which should go the way you and your beloved want it. You are arranging a holiday not for guests, but for yourself.

Everything is in your hands, make this day wonderful!

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