{Designer Vlog} Less is More!  Industrial Wedding Invitation Trend for Modern Couples

For this winter there is a style that is taking a lot of boom among very modern romantic couples. It’s all about accentuating the beauty of the venue with structural lighting and without a lot of ornamentation. It is Industrial Wedding trend!!!
Today, our designer linda share a INDUSTRIAL WEDDING style, and how to choose the macthing wedding invitations. Watch together!

{Graphic Designer- Linda Anguiano}

She is a Professional Graphic Designer, graduated in 2006. Actually Owner in a family business named “Anguiano Graphic Design” since 2014 in México, She has helped a Thousands Brides for choose the best invite for their wedding,  inside or outside of her country.

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Hello Brides, thank you for being here again….
My name is Linda Anguiano, I’m a graphic designer in Mexico and I’m an expert in wedding invitations…

Every bride has a big doubt about where to start when they begin the preparations for the big day and Choosing the wedding style is usually a decision that takes time and even more if there are doubts about what concept to follow.

Welcome to this new trend born in the 50’s in the streets of New York, which has been gaining momentum throughout the country.



For this winter there is a style that is taking a lot of boom among very modern couples. It’s all about accentuating the beauty of the venue with structural lighting and without a lot of ornamentation. This Industrial Wedding trend is the dream of every modern romantic couple.

This style is the set of an enclosed venue inspired by the Industrial Revolution where the old and the new are perfectly united.

old and new are united perfectly in industrial winter wedding ideas industrial wedding theme for the big day in winter modern couples

There are many venues where old buildings are used, usually made of brick with all that exposed wood and metal, where the ceilings are very high and light bulb guides can be placed from above that will highlight the metallic textures of the venue. The decoration of the venue can have little ornamentation and white flowers to continue the natural look of the venue and if you have metallic crossback chairs they will create the perfect setting.

Some couples opt for rusty centerpieces where they can let their creativity flow by recycling and incorporating all the ideal elements for this type of event.

amazing industrial wedding decoration ideas for couples modern and romantic industial wedding theme ideas

Be sure that if you integrate any of our tips, you will have one of the best weddings ever.

  • Break stereotypes and flee from the conventional, be like some couples who choose a more urban style to say “I do”.
  • Forget about villas, halls or hotels and choose loft spaces, warehouses or places that were formerly industrial companies with worn walls, beams and concrete floors, as well as exposed pipes.

wedding tips for decoring instrutrial wedding venue ideas




Very simple, because this wedding invitation model is elegant and sophisticated, plus the laser cut design is based on an old metal door that is very similar to the doors of the industrial companies of those years, so it helps us to give an appropriate touch to the theme and is perfect for your guests to get into the industrial style that you are looking for…

graceful gate design laser cut wedding invitation EWWS281 for industrial weding ideas

Gate Wedding Invitation: EWWS281

Take into account that “An industrial wedding” is a style completely different from the rest, which meticulously takes care of the details and decoration. It is a combination of elements such as metal, steel, yellow lights, large letters, a bar and a buffet, and without forgetting the romance of candles and flowers.
An industrial wedding does not have to be a party with exaggerated quantities. It should be all in harmony.

Also by combining the laser cut with this beautiful typography we can have together a perfect and harmonious result. The ideal is to have the perfect model for your event.


unique gate fold wedding invitations for industrial wedding style ideas

<Last but not Least>

I want to show you some cards that you can use in addition to your invitation that can facilitate the organization of the event such as:

Rsvp, Menu, program, addresses and you can also have a special hotel suggestion card in case you have guests from other cities.

chic wedding response cards with laser cut design popular laser cut thank you card and menu card for industrial wedding ideas

Wedding Stationary: RSVP-EWWS281; Thank You Card-EWTS038


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