{Designer Vlog} New Wedding Trend – Sage Green Matching Acrylic Invites

As we have already talked about wedding themes, today I want to tell you about a very new wedding trend that is increasing with the passage of time on acrylic wedding invitations. It is a combination of clear acrylic invites with a mix of green shades! And I want to show you some ideas that give a very original and elegant look…

{Graphic Designer- Linda Anguiano}

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{Vlog-New Wedding Trend – Sage Green Matching Acrylic Invites}

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{Details of Vlog}

Hello Brides, Thank you for being here today, my name is Linda Anguiano, I’m a graphic designer in Mexico and I want to show you some ideas for your wedding…

As we have already talked about wedding themes, today I want to tell you about a very new wedding invitation trend that is increasing with the passage of time. It is a combination of clear acrylic with a mix of green shades! And I want to show you some ideas that give a very original and elegant look…

Acrylic & Sage

Its mix of green shades makes it perfect for all types of weddings, especially for weddings with a natural look or with an interest in eco- friendly. It is a perfect way to bring nature into the decor through this color.

#Wedding bouquets tone decoration ideas

Sage Green is perfect for the combination of white flowers and green foliage.
It is usually the usual tone of olive leaves or eucalyptus widely used as the basis of floral arrangements, but today sage green will be the main attraction and will leave an exquisite aroma throughout the area.

In short, it is ideal for making any floral centerpiece as well as your bridal bouquet, which can match the style of the bridesmaids. Sage green is a very natural tone but at the same time very elegant and will be perfect in long dresses with fall.

Sage Green is perfect for the combination of white flowers and green foliage 1

#Wedding table decoration ideas

You can use it to decorate the tables by including it in the table linen, ideally combined with details in gold tones and glassware that alternates clear crystal glasses with other elements in the same tone.

So you get a very natural look!

But if you are looking for a more minimalist look, my advice is to use glass and transparent elements such as acrylic, gold is also a good idea but in the right measure, without excess. You can add small geometric centers, they would be lovely to complete the tables of your guests and feel all the harmony of nature…

acrylic table number card with sage green for wedding table decoration ideas

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#Sage green wedding ideas

I show you some ideas of how to apply it in all aspects of your wedding, such as the decoration of the church or the reception venue, the bouquet or your cake, in the centerpieces, in the decoration of the main table or your backdrop, etc, etc ….

The most important thing is to have a mix of sage green with white flowers in everything you include. But don’t lose sight of the main thing that is the mix of color with glass. So you can include it in countless objects that will help you to give it the touch of elegance that your event deserves.

unique acrylic signs and sage green wedding color trend ideas

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Sage Green Invitation

#Acrylic wedding invitations

Here is a beautiful and very innovative idea: this is a unique frosted acrylic invitation with a Sage Green design with some asymmetrical golden lines to give it more drama.

This model can be found in Elegant Wedding Invites as EWIA014 is the frosted version, but has a section to choose the transparent one in case you don’t want frosted.

crystal clear acrylic invitation with a sage green design with asymmetrical golden lines sage green crystal clear acrylic wedding invitation trend with golden lines

#Tips for outer envelopes

It ideally comes with a paper envelope plus your RSVP card and envelope. And you don’t need to add more, since the acrylic invitation by itself is perfect to give it the glamorous touch that your event needs.

There are different types of paper envelopes as well as colors, I recommend you to use light colors so that they do not overpower the tones of the invitation…

glamorous touch acrylic wedding invites with light color outer envelope

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#DIY acrylic wedding card ideas

But if your thing is to go beyond the limits, you can add a vellum ribbon and in the center a wax seal just to decorate it, that would give it that tone of charm that it was missing.

diy green acrylic wedding invitations with vellum and wax seal stickers

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Last but not least

The acrylic invitations have many advantages in this topic, since it is more identified with the glass and it combines perfectly with the shades used in the Sage Green. In EWI you can find a special section for Welcome signs in the same design, as well as table numbers that can be accompanied by beautiful white flowers and lots of green foliage.

new wedding trending with acrylic wedding signs for outdoor wedding ideas


I invite you to visit www.elegantweddinginvites.com to know more acrylic models that can be adapted to the theme of your wedding, the most important thing is that you make them part of your event and let them do the hard work for you and you can just enjoy the result, believe me you will love it!

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