Destination Weddings Phuket

Destination Weddings Phuket

Let Bespoke Experiences assist you with full service planning and coordination services for your special corporate or private event or your destination weding in Phuket. With our passion to every detail, we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences for your guests. We can help you with every aspect of your event including the logistic coordination of all pre-event, onsite, and post event activities. We offer diverse events that range from Phuket wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, team buildings, product launches, presentations, workshops, company inaugurations, conferences or seminars.

There is indeed something fun and peculiar about the destination wedding compared to the traditional wedding.  You have an endless of places to choose from.  You can hold your wedding ceremony on a beach, on a private island, mountain top, garden or just about anywhere you want to say your vows.  But do not expect it to go smoothly as you will indeed encounter some problems along the way.  A detailed and systematic planning and arrangement is needed in order to have a successful destination wedding.  Here are some things you need to consider that might help you in planning your destination wedding.

Top things to consider for your destination wedding in Phuket

Local Laws

Marriage is a legal and binding ceremony.  Do not expect that the laws surrounding the marriage in one state will be similar in another state.  In order to make sure, you have to do a bit of research about the local laws.  Do you need to apply on that state for the marriage license or will they honor your marriage license from your originating state?  If so, how long will it take for them to furnish you with a marriage license and how much will they charge you? A few couples are trying to veer away from this issue by holding the legal binding in their local state before they decided to hold their ceremony on their destination wedding.  You should also learn about the local tradition and culture surrounding a marriage in that state.


Wedding Planner

Having local wedding planner gives you a lot of advantage. One is they are aware about the local market.  You no longer need to negotiate on different vendors, photographers, etc. a local wedding planner will do everything for you.  It also guarantees you that the whole process is advancing even if you are not physically present on that area.

The Guest List

The Guest list is the common concern of the people planning a destination wedding.  In order to avoid the common issue, you have to decide on your guest list as soon as you decide about the venue of the wedding.  Remember that they will have to travel and spend money in order to get to your destination.  It is better to keep them informed during the early stage so they will be able to clear up their schedule and a lot budget on your wedding day.  It is also imperative to have a short list of the guest as not most of them will be able to make it to your wedding.  It will help you minimize the cost and estimate the expenses.

A destination wedding requires a lot of work, but it is inherently fun.  At the end of the day, no matter how many worries seem to be crossing your mind, you just have to leave it up to the air and enjoy your wedding day.  A destination wedding is meant to be fun, so enjoy every minute of this big day.  In case you want to truly enjoy these moment, contact us and let us take that burden away from you.