Dining Etiquette

Wedding is such a fabulous time to celebrate the love of two individuals.  However, there is also a possibility to offend someone unintentionally in the event that the proper etiquette is not done.  It is crucial that you should be able to exhibit poise and elegance and make a positive and lasting impression.  The way you act speaks so much about yourself.


The silverwares should be placed according to its utilization; starting from the dinner knife, the fork and spoon.  Use single silverware for different course.  After utilizing the silverware, avoid placing it back on the table, it should be placed on the empty plate.  You should position your fork or knife with its tines down so that the waiter will know that you are still eating.  Fork or dinner knife with its tines up means that you are already done on your meal.



There may be times that you will unintentionally put something in your mouth that is not edible like a small piece of bones.  You are now torn between swallowing it or spitting it.  The most proper way to do it is to move it out of your mouth using your tongue and into the fork.  Put the fork down on your plate and deposit the bones or pit on the borderline of your plate.  In the event that there is bread included, break it one piece at a time.  It is highly recommended to avoid biting out of the bread.  Greasy food should not be eaten using your finger, except of course if it is potato chip or fries which is highly impossible to be present on the wedding banquet.

Soup should be scooped away from yourself using a spoon.  This will prevent the soup from spilling on your dress.  You may want to go easy on sauce, especially if you have no idea about the taste of it.  Sauce can create a messy look on your plate.  If something is caught between your teeth, do not pick your teeth in front of the table, instead, you may want to drink water to flush the food.  In the event that the water failed to dislodge the food, excuse yourself and go straight to the restroom.  Toothpick should not be placed back on your plate after using it.  You should personally throw it to the garbage can or hold on to the toothpick until such time that you can properly throw it away.

The Basic Dining Etiquette

The most important thing is to wash your hands before sitting on the dining table.  There is nothing more offending than seeing someone eating on a wedding reception with a dirty fingernails or head.  Set aside your phone first, unless you are anticipating an important or emergency call.  Phones do not have a place on the dining table.  See to it that you maintain your politeness regardless of the fact that the meal presented on your table doesn’t perfectly fits your diet.  Chew your food well and swallow it before speaking.  Never interrupt the other guest while they are speaking.  This basic dining etiquette will help you to become more presentable in special occasions such as wedding.