Easy Wedding Thank You Card Wording Templates

Now that the wedding is over, maybe you’re looking for wedding thank you card wording. Because while it’s easy for wedding thank you cards to feel like one of those overwhelming and anxiety-producing tasks, they don’t have to be. As long as you can muster up a few heartfelt words, you can use the same wedding thank you card wording over and over (and we’ll even give it to you). No one is getting more than one of these, so they won’t know you just rinsed and repeated for each card. Win. 

But first, we need to take a moment for a Very Very Important Public Service Announcement. Full stop, when it comes to setting up a time and space in which to craft these little missiles of gratitude, it is hyper important to remember that this is the responsibility of both partners—not just one of you (one of you with lady parts). I am truly not interested in whether or not one of you has bad handwriting or just doesn’t like to write, because you both got married, and you both saw people there, and you both are hella enjoying that blender, right? Ok. (Actually, I don’t even care if you’re both enjoying the blender or not. You still both have to participate.)  And really, your partner shouldn’t just pick up the pen and writes the notes you tell them to write. They should really try to pick up some of the emotional load, too. AKA, remembering these notes need to be written in the first place.

Now that you and your partner are working on this project together, keep in mind that once you’ve invited your partner to share this task with you, you’ve committed to letting your partner do it the way he or she wants to. That means that while you can lovingly suggest wedding thank you card wording, you can’t demand that it’s used–you can’t ask someone to split the labor with you and then micromanage how it’s done. For example, if they send out a note that reads “Thank you for the spoons, I love to use them when I eat cereal” then… that’s what the note says. Splitting this kind of labor early in the game is great practice for the rest of marriage, especially when you welcome the idea that you might do things differently (with different standards) into your life together.

If you’re at this stage of the game, you might find that you need some help with the wedding thank you card wording. Before we dive in, here are a few tips:


  • Be timely with your thank you notes: you don’t have to fire off your notes right away, but most people expect a reply within 2-3 months. Also, if you receive gifts before the wedding that it’s more than acceptable to write thank you notes before the wedding, particularly if it helps just get it done
  • Write notes to everyone (even if they didn’t get you a gift): Listen, it’s not uncommon to have a guest attend but not bring a gift. Sometimes people truly can’t afford to attend the wedding and bring a present, and sometimes they just forget. You don’t have to follow my instructions, but I’d argue that if you’re writing notes at all, write them to everyone. Because that friend who dropped a grand they didn’t exactly have to come to your wedding should be thanked, even if they didn’t also get you a coffee machine. (Oh, and don’t forget your vendors. They will always be grateful for a little extra love.)
  • Include detail in your notes: If you’re thanking the recipient for a gift, make sure you mention the item. But if they gave cash, you don’t need to mention exact monetary amounts. See the template below for help wording wedding thank you cards for cash gifts.

wedding thank you card wording

So, for when you have to express gratitude to all 175 of your wedding guests, we bring you wedding thank you note wording. And fear not: wedding thank you cards don’t have to be long—they just have to sound like you mean it.

wording for when they gave you cash gifts

Dear Preston and Cristina,

Thank you so much for attending our wedding! We had the best time and were so happy you were there. We are so appreciative of your generous gift and look forward to [adding it to our new car fund, using it to put a down payment on a house, adding it to our honeymoon fund, etc]. Thank you again for joining in the celebration of our marriage.

With gratitude,

Lorelai and Luke

wording for when they gave you physical gifts

Dear Lexie and Mark,

Thank you for coming to our wedding! It truly would not have been the same without all of our family and friends there. We were so happy to receive [the gift], and we look forward to [options: using it for years to come, having it brighten our home for years to come, cherishing it as a beautiful wedding memento, make toast with it, etc].

With gratitude,

Jesse and Cèline

wording for when you’re thanking for attendance only

Dear Anthony and Stanford,

Thank you so much for attending our wedding! It was such a delight to see you after all these years. We wanted to take a moment to send you the warmest well wishes and let you know how happy we were to see you there.

With gratitude,

Rory and Logan

wording for when they send a gift but can’t make it to the wedding

Dear Britney and Christina,

We are so sorry you weren’t able to make it to our wedding. It was a wonderful day, and you were missed. We wanted to make sure we let you know how much we love your gift, and we thank you for sending it.

With gratitude,

Justin and JC

Y’all… it really is that simple. Now go and do the damn thing. Oh, but what if you don’t have the wedding thank you cards you need? I mean, what better time than now to treat yourselves to some fun and special stationery… I tend to think it makes the whole process more enjoyable. Here are a few of our favorites.

There Will Be A Party Thank You Postcards from Minted

Photo Thank You Card Template from A Wild Bloom Printables on Etsy

Blush and Gold Foil Wedding Thank You Cards from Secret Creation on Etsy

Arch Foil-Pressed Thank You Card from Minted

Sophistotype Letterpressed Thank You Card from Minted

what Was Your Wedding Thank You Card Wording? what do you recommend other couples include—and what should they leave out?