Event Trends 2016 The Good and the Bad

Event Trends of 2016

We follow the event trends 2016 The Good and the Bad. Each event done by Bespoke Experiences in Phuket is completely customized to exceed the client’s expectations.  We realize that each event needs to be outstanding and innovative no matter what the event objective or style. Events usually require different teams to come together, including several external suppliers. We will ensure your events have suppliers who are high-end, professionals who deliver only the best services for your event needs.

Event trends 2016

Events serve as major tools to celebrate momentous occasions, and they’re here to stay especially when it comes to culminating a couple’s love for each other in weddings. While event organizers have figured out various ways to make their preparation processes much faster and more efficient, they may equally be at risk of having some faux pas tools along the way.

Without further ado, here are a few mixes of good and not-so-good trends, which organizers capitalized in, as they weathered through the highs and lows of event preparation:

Event Trends 2016

Going Seamlessly Mobile with Apps

With the advent and rise of digital technologies, numerous applications have become within reach among organizers. They range from registration, seat planning, schedule announcements and many more.

Mobile applications have become the organizers’ and event scientologists’ effective ways to export lists of attendees within a few taps and swipes. In comparison to bulky paperwork and filing systems, mobile applications have made it possible for organizers to process their preparation steps in much quicker paces.

Capitalizing on Social Media

To ensure a constant stream of attendees, it is important for event experts to keep on building relationships with them even before any event takes place. Engagement is necessary so customers will equally be informed about the goings-on in their fields of interest.

In keeping them updated, there may be important trends, which they need to watch for. Event organizers may even need to talk about some best practices and options, which their database of customers would need to consider.

Aside from Email Marketing, one of the quickest ways where organizers may reach out to their existing, and potential customers would be through Social Media. The said channel has made it much more possible for organizers to build their online communities and advocates.


Lack of Personal Interaction as a Trend to Be Wary Of

The perks of digital tools have their fair share of some downsides. While it’s easier just to shoot up emails to hundreds of thousands of recipients, organizers may be at risk of being seen as spams. This happens if the nearest instance for them to encounter their customers would be via online ads and signing up for newsletters.

If they have already figured out their potential customers, the next logical step would be to get to know them on a more personal level. Meet ups or get-together may be organized, so when their prospective online community members return to their respective behavior, they would have meaningful things to say about the organizers.

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A Livelier Mailing List

Aside from being at risk of being seen as spam, organizers may also have dormant statuses in the inboxes of their recipients. Thus, they also need to be thorough with their processes, ensuring their email efforts will lead to further interaction.

These types of trends just show how some are meant to be continuously applied while others served as room for improvement among organizers. With your choice of organizers, you know you’ve chosen an excellent team if they could handle an efficient mix of these trends towards bringing out the success of their projects.