Everything You Want To Know About Salt & Pepper Diamonds

Have you met our new favorite diamond trend? Salt & Pepper diamonds aren’t just for the alternative bride (or groom!) anymore. Thanks to so many engagement ring designers putting their own mark on the stunning gem, they fit just about any style.

Rings by Melissa Tyson Designs

First on our radar thanks to the stunning rings by Melissa Tyson Designs, these sparkling gems are experiencing a rise in popularity in the wedding world. With so many different hues & natural differences, choosing a salt & pepper diamond for your ring is the epitome of a “one-of-a-kind engagement ring”.

But with most trends in the bridal world, many people have trepidation moving away from tradition. That’s why we’re diving into everything you need & want to know about these precious gems so you can be certain that you’re choosing the right ring!

Winter Ice Salt & Pepper Engagement Ring by Melissa Tyson Designs

What are Salt & Pepper Diamonds?

Diamonds! That might sound silly to some, but it’s a fair question. With so many lab-grown gems & alternative stimulants, it’s easy to get confused with “what’s what” in the world of diamonds and gemstones.

Salt & Pepper Diamonds really just refers to any Diamond that includes small imperfections within the stone giving it a streaky, flecked or milky quality. Most often imagined in white, gray & black, these diamonds can often feature flecks of other colors, as well. Just take a look at this stunning Natural Red Salt & Pepper Diamond engagement ring by Melissa Tyson Designs.

Red Salt & Pepper Engagement Ring by Melissa Tyson Designs

While traditionally seen as a flaw in the past, these unique gemstones are now being valued for their one-of-a-kind nature. Every stone varies in color & look. In a modern world where colorful gemstones & alternative engagement rings are ever-popular, Salt & Pepper Diamonds shine.

Salt & Pepper Engagement Ring by Capucinne on Etsy

How much do Salt & Pepper Diamonds cost?

Good news: because Salt & Pepper Diamonds are less rare than more traditional, clear Diamonds, these gems tend to cost less per carat than what we’re all used to! Not only will you be buying a one-of-a-kind stone but you’ll likely find it to be more affordable than a classic diamond.

However, that doesn’t mean you should expect all designs to be automatically “cheap”. You’ll have to factor in the quality of design, whether you’re working on a custom piece, the metal used in the band & any accompanying stones in your design. Plus, designers may value certain Salt & Pepper Diamonds as more valuable thanks to their rarity in beauty. Take perhaps, a stone that has unique flecks or color variation unlike any other.

Constantina Ring by Lauren Wolf via Catbird

Do Salt & Pepper Diamonds have a spiritual meaning?

Whether or not you buy into the symbolism of stones, it’s always fun to find out what hidden meanings your jewelry may hold to some.

Fittingly, many people in the jewelry world say that the imperfections of Salt & Pepper Diamonds represent loving someone unconditionally, no matter their flaws. Now if that isn’t a marriage-worthy fashion statement, we don’t know what is!

Where can I buy Salt & Pepper Diamond engagement rings (& jewelry)?

As we said above, we were first introduced to Salt & Pepper Diamonds by Melissa Tyson Designs. She has a particular passion & eye for these precious flecked sparklers. Not only can you find a number of gorgeous designs in her online shop (& Etsy store) but she also has a build your own ring tool on her website where you can handpick your favorite Salt & Pepper Diamond for your custom ring.

Salt & Pepper Engagement Ring by Melissa Tyson Designs

Melissa is not alone in featuring this stunning stone amongst her masterpieces. Search on Etsy and you’ll find thousands of designs – most of which are customizable – in every setting, band & style.

Also featured on our favorite places to buy engagement rings, both Valley Rose Studio & Valerie Madison offer stunning designs for the cool bride. Soon-to-be wedded kitties who love Catbird will be thrilled to find a collection of Salt & Pepper Diamond rings in their shop, too!

Will you share your favorite Salt & Pepper Diamond styles?

I thought you’d never ask! In addition to the stunning styles above, I’m sharing 10 more beautiful Salt & Pepper Diamond engagement rings below.

Sabrina Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring by Melissa Tyson Designs

Gatsby Salt & Pepper Engagement Ring by NY Fine Jewelry via Etsy

Azores Salt & Pepper Engagement Ring by Yasuko Azuma via Audry Rose

Vesta Stacking Set by Valley Rose Studio

Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring by Jewelluxe via Etsy

Hammered Band with Salt & Pepper Diamonds by Valerie Madison

Hazeline Studio Suite by Anna Sheffield

Modern Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring by A Second Time via Etsy

Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring by Aardvark Jewellery via Etsy

Misty Salt & Pepper Engagement Ring by Melissa Tyson Designs

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