Gay Marriage in Phuket

Gay Marriage in Phuket

If you are looking for the best location for a gay destination wedding, Thailand would always come in the top spot more specific in Phuket.  You can guarantee that you will have a stunning venue, great and cozy climate, sumptuous delicacies and high- quality services at a very reasonable price.  Having a same-sex marriage is no longer an issue in Thailand.  As a matter of fact, most of the wedding planners are excited to prepare a gay wedding, especially in Phuket.

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Is it Legal to Have a Same-Sex Marriage in Phuket?

Under the law of Thai, the legality of the same-sex marriage has not yet been approved.

Each wedding ceremony expresses commitment, passion and love. It will not be necessarily recognized legally but your devotion and pledge towards a love that knows no boundaries will be cemented through this type of practice.  It will even be formalized through a certificate of wedding that will be signed by the wedding guests and the witnesses.

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Ask any of your friends in the gay community and there’s a chance that most of them are staying in Thailand. If not, there is a higher probability that they are often visiting the location. This is because the country is a gay-friendly community. Relationships between gay couple are out in the public and never receive any form of discrimination.

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You will receive great advice from your wedding planner.  In case you want a beach gay wedding ceremony, they will advise you to expect a lot of bystanders who will watch with pure amazement with your love.  A private villa would be suitable for a gay marriage.  Wedding planner in Phuket Bespoke Experiences is closely associated with different villas that will make the whole ceremony a pure dream experience.  You will have a place to stay, a venue for the reception and a solemn place to take your wedding vow.  They will provide you with a huge selection of foods from the authentic Thai dishes or international matching your favorite cuisine.  The villa also provides an all-encompassing view of the beaches of Phuket and the majestic land formation.

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The servers, waiters and other staff will also be considered.  Most wedding gay planner will make it a point to appoint professional gay waiters in order to accentuate the vibrant and celebrate the diversity of the occasion.  Ask any of your friends who have held a commitment ceremony in Phuket; chances are they will tell you the best and memorable experience they have. It will definitely be a day that will celebrate your love as a couple, no boundaries, and judgment.