How to Make Your Submission Sail to the Top of SMP’s Front Page

Time and time again, we’re asked the same question… “What does it take to be published on Style Me Pretty?” As most of you may have guessed, the answer isn’t quite as simple as one would imagine. With over 500 submissions per week from vendors and couples alike, hoping to see their work or wedding grace the pages of SMP, our editorial team carefully selects a mere 2-3% for publication on the Front Page.

We feel so incredibly fortunate for every single submission that comes through our doors, we know just how much time and effort is spent perfecting them. As we walk you through a detailed list of tips and tricks to aid in your submission process, please remember – we never want you to feel discouraged if your submission is not accepted for publication on SMP, due to the sheer volume of submissions we receive, we are unfortunately put in the position of denying many beautiful events we dearly love. It has absolutely nothing to do with how talented you are, or how special the event truly was – sometimes, it’s just a matter of a full calendar! 

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