How To Manage Wedding First Dance Jitters

It is no secret that there are plenty of things to plan for when it comes to your wedding day. All eyes are on you for the whole event. Especially when you’re saying your vows and…for the first dance! How can you not be nervous? It’s the first dance as a wedded couple! This sets the tone for your entire marriage!

Actually, it doesn’t. And it doesn’t have to be scary. With these tips, you will be able to let loose and grace the dance floor with a moment you’ve dreamed of your whole life.

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Pick a Meaningful Song

Picking a song that has significance can help calm those nerves. It can take you to a place that blocks out all of the eyes on you. Think of it like a scene in a romantic movie where the couple is caught up in a moment and everything else in the world falls away. If you pick a song that makes you and your partner feel closest to each other, you’ll also have that movie-worthy moment, except I’m willing to bet yours will be better!

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Consider the Length of the Song

Songs can range from 3 minutes to over 5. And if you are feeling nervous already, you might want to keep in mind how long your song is. Of course, if it is choreographed, it won’t feel like you are just filing time with various dance moves. If it isn’t planned out by a professional, think about your comfort level. An idea to gauge your comfort level is to get with your partner and dance to a couple of songs that you are deciding between and see how you feel dancing together through it.

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Decide on Hiring a Choreographer

While we are on the topic of planning your first dance song, having a song choreographed has its perks and limits to think about. When all of your dance moves are planned out, you might feel less awkward on the dance floor knowing that you are putting on a show of dance. But if you struggle with two left feet and don’t want to think too hard, just the two of you dancing “prom-style” is just as beautiful. Look into each other’s eyes and have fun with the twirls and the dips!

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Don’t Practice too Much

So you opted to go for a choreographed dance? I’ve got a tip for you. Practice, yes. But not too much! Overdoing it might actually make you a bit more nervous because you’re going to try and get it just right. Have you ever planned something and then it didn’t go according to plan? It’s just like that. Of course, you want your first dance to be perfect but a little bit of naturalness goes a long way and you will have more fun. Everyone is going to think your dance was perfect anyway.

Plan with Your DJ

Walkthrough exactly when you’re going to be doing your first dance with your DJ so that you know exactly when things are going to happen. Then you’ll know that no surprises will throw you off your game right before the dance. Knowing that someone has your back and will keep you from messing up is always reassuring. You don’t even have to think because your DJ will cue you for your dance. Don’t waste precious moments dreading that the dance is coming, let it go to your DJ!

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Savor the Moment

Try to be as present in the moment with your partner. When you’re present, you can’t worry about anything else. Sure your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event but it doesn’t mean you have to be so preoccupied with making it so perfect that you forget to actually live it. Take it one moment at a time. All of the stresses you have will occupy itself at the proper time rather than fill your thoughts all day. Remember, this was the day you have been waiting for, enjoy it.

What really matters is the one in front of you. I can tell you that these tips will help you, but just be ready for everyone to tell you how wonderful your first dance was. All because of the love they witnessed between you and your new spouse!

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These tips were written by Malike Adigun, owner of DJ Malike. South Florida-based and in the industry for over 10 years, DJ Malike will craft the perfect music experience for you throughout your entire wedding day.

“People are at the heart of who I am and what makes me love what I do. I love curating the type of authentic experiences that encourage people to let loose and have the time of their life.” – Malike Adigun.

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