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As the summer heat wraps itself up, it is time to celebrate the harvest and embrace the cooler fall/ winter months. Now is officially the season for fresher inspirations and overflowing positivity. With all of the calmness and romance of these months, a fall/winter wedding makes for the best, picture-worthy celebration at this time.

The wedding boom is right upon us, and if you are planning a fall/winter wedding, congratulations – you will have the best time of your life. Fall/winter weddings are serene, dreamy, elegant, and one-of-a-kind. You get the chance to incorporate unique color palettes and welcome the transformation of seasons. If you are looking for some pinteresty color palette ideas, look no further. We are here to help you decide and create a unified and spectacular wedding theme.


The oh-so-sensitive, heavenly, and subtle winter blue color palette may be inspired by the blue undertones of the fresh blanket of snow. You can incorporate some metallic shades, create rustic romance, or evoke the feelings of a snowy day in the backdrop. Cobalt hues, proper whites, and a touch of gray, with some warming tones, are sure to create magic.

Photo credit: Style Me Pretty, Celebration Cakes by Catherine Scott


Neutrals always make a great fall/winter color palette, for these are the tones so abundantly available in nature. Rustic neutrals, in particular, keep the palette pure, pristine, and always pretty. Colors like gingerbread, taupe, and white/ ivory bring out a picture-perfect, larger-than-life kind of setting, creating rustic romanticism and adding a vintage touch to the ceremonies. To match your environment, you can also go with champagnenude, or ivory wedding outfits.

neutral color combo wedding idea

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This is a highly sensual, monochromatic fall/winter color scheme, in fact, a classic wedding color for just any wedding. Burgundy, crimson, merlot, gold, blue, blush, red, black, and white can all be paired together to build a grand and warm color arrangement. Surprisingly, shades of berry are all versatile, suiting multiple venues, styles, seasons, and wedding attires.

winter wedding idea

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Bring out the glitz and glam with warm metallics like brass, copper, and gold. Under the twinkling fall/winter sky, add some oomph to the setting with gilded glam. Complete the look with a statement ivory-golden wedding attire by Cocomelody. Also, our bridesmaid dress collection is an assortment of some fantastic warm fall/ winter colors. Check out the new arrivals or hot deals, and you will be stunned.

winter wedding idea

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If you do not wish to evoke the feelings of the season with neutrals or blues, go with something daring. The black-tie color palette is the new bold – it looks sophisticated, charming, and also unconventional. The palette can include classic black with a hint of green, sage, and gold. Black isn’t monotonous; it is polished and upscale when paired with the right accents and that dash of holiday glitz. You can create a stunning artsy vibe and leave your guests in awe, going one step ahead with our black wedding dress collection that absolutely empowers your beauty.

winter black tie wedding ideaphoto credit: Wedding invitespaper


Hues of gray are versatile for any space and season. When done right, winter pinks, frosty blues, blush, silver, and fuchsia look best with stormy grays like charcoal, concrete, and slate to keep the décor chic and bright. Grays have an unusual earthy vibe and evoke awe-inspiring beauty in the setting.

winter grey wedding color palette

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Want to send yourself and your guest walking into a winter wonderland? The white-on-white color palette with random pops of colors can be timeless and modern. Check out the Cocomelody lily-white wedding dresses to match the mighty white palette. Whites give you a breath of fresh air and make your big day feel angelic, peaceful, and unique.

WHITE wedding palette photo credit: Marry Me, Elegant Wedding Invites


From classic favorites to stunning variations, the fall/ winter color palette is ever-expanding. Startle your guests with some trendy yet natural color schemes if you are exchanging your vows this season. Book your wedding vendors well in advance to not miss out on any opportunities. If you wish to match your wedding outfit with the wedding theme, visit the Cocomelody store – we have something for everyone to flaunt and feel confident about their life’s most memorable day.