Perfect Pairing: Coordinating Bridal and Flower Girl Dresses

If you choose to participate in the tradition of having a flower girl at your wedding, you have another decision to make: what she’ll be wearing. Inviting this precious member brings all the innocence and charm to the wedding ceremony. So, choosing a picture-perfect fairytale outfit will only delight your celebrations.

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Traditionally, coordinating bride and flower girl dresses have been a standard. Typically, she wears an ivory/ white imitation of the bridal gown. However, you can certainly modernize the look. It’s just a tradition and no rule, so you can experiment and choose the look that pleases you the most. However, there are subtle ways to create fantastic pairings and make the littlest member of the bridal party look A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

By tradition, the bride is responsible for choosing every attendant’s dress. But in the case of the flower girl, brides also pick the little one’s parents for dress shopping. Together you can make the style, fabric, color, and length requests. Also, her parents usually pay for the dress, but you can offer to cover some costs as a courtesy. Here we list the fashion options for coordinating the bride and flower girl dresses for your convenience.

Dreamy Blush Tone Combo

blush wedding dress and matching flower girl dress

Styles CF0243 and CW2498 in Silver Pink

This silver-pink option is chic and sweet. It makes anyone feel elegant and sophisticated yet glamorous. While pink signifies sugar and spice, that hint of silver feels graceful and glittery. So, let the adorable little attendant be the sugar to the wedding, and you add a touch of spice and everything nice.

Royal Blue

royal blue satin wedding dress and matching flower girl dress

Styles CF0210 and CW2521 in Blue

Modern brides embrace various hues, including dark and metallic shades, one of which is this stunning royal blue bride and matching flower girl dress combination. The gowns exude confidence. Moreover, this color makes a fantastic choice for bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen, and ring-bearers. So, allow the adorable attendant to make her way down the aisle while bringing a pop of color into the ceremony.

Lacy Illusion Combo

cheap lacy wedding dress and matching flower girl dress

Styles CF0196 and CW2823 in White

These darling white dresses have so many exquisite details. Both are soft, airy, and pretty. Apart from matching colors, you can also put unique personalized details on both gowns to make them feel even more special. The little superstar donning the classic white resembling a mini bride with customizable gown details can complement any theme and is also easy to pair with multiple accessories.

Floral Details

vintage wedding dress and matching flower girl dress

Styles CF0186 and CW2302 in White

From boho to vintage and classic, intricate floral details suit just every bridal style. The best part? It also looks fantastic on flower girl dresses. The details radiate youth and purity, and the overall look blooms so well. Besides, the appliques and beading with satin add to the luxe factor.


ruffled wedding dress and ruffled flower girl dress

Styles CF0187 and CW2551 in White

Who doesn’t love ruffles? These are charming, cute, and dramatic. It can’t be true that you walk into a store and aren’t drawn toward ruffles. So, be it a bridal or a flower girl dress, you can match the style and create a cohesive vibe for the big day with frill details.

Rustic Style

rustic wedding dress and matching flower girl dress

Styles CF0199 and CW2734 in White

Hosting a rustic-themed wedding? These two styles will put together a chic look ideal for the setting. Both dresses are dreamy, airy, and perfect for a spring/ fall wedding. Tulle/ lace fabric choice also makes it a comfortable and picture-perfect purchase for the little one.

Simple & Modern

sophisticated wedding dress and matching flower girl dress

Styles CF0240 and CW2520 in White

We’re sure you cannot go wrong with these sophisticated styles in satin and Mikado. While a Mikado princess silhouette looks lustrous and sharp on brides, satin may be more manageable for the little ones to go about the entire day effortlessly. Both are ready to fall in love with gowns for the wedding ceremony.

So, there you have it – bride and matching flower girl dress options.

But remember, let the little one be herself. If she’s too young, don’t push her on the aisle with overwhelming responsibilities. You can simply dress her up and have her walk down the aisle for that cute quotient.

The little lovely deserves to feel her best. Let her be, and get ready for flower girl dress shopping with Cocomelody. The options are virtually endless!