Productive Events in Phuket with health activities

Productive Events in  Phuket with health activities

Are you organizing another intense event soon? Did you ask yourself how to create a productive event in Phuket with health activities? Gatherings can get be quite mind churning especially when you will hold gatherings which can be similar to corporate strategic sessions. As an event organizer who goes the extra mile in execution, one of your top priorities is to make the event as successful as possible. This means the fullest production of ideas and interaction among the attendees would be major priorities.

Here are some of the healthy activities which you can incorporate to ensure the best ideas can be gathered among the attendees, out of every fruitful session:

Include a Break Room

Every type of individual can be quite different in processing his or her thoughts to come up with the best idea contribution for the event. You can encourage the participants to de-stress and de-clutter their minds by adding a break room which they can drop by in, whenever they need to relax. Some snacks and beverage is absolutely a must have.

Outdoor relaxing area

You can add a hammock, relaxing pictures of the beach and even a beautiful mini-landscape with sands and decorative beach accessories. This will be especially helpful if your event’s objective is to churn out the most creative ideas possible from your attendees.

Have a Couple of Stress Releasing Exercises

After each intense strategic session, you may encourage a couple of relaxing, fun and energizing exercises for attendees to enjoy. This can include a couple of breathing and stretching exercises. Then to pick up the pace, you may then introduce a game like passing around a giant potato. This should induce a couple of giggles which can also be stress releasing. A decorative giant potato will be continuously passed around while an upbeat song is being played. However the song can randomly be paused every time, and the last person who has the potato will then be asked to recite some tongue twisters. If the tongue twisters get perfectly recited, then he or she gets a token.

Include Juice Breaks Every Four Hours

While coffee may still be served to those who really prefer the drink, juice bars will be placed to encourage healthier break alternatives. 15 to 20 minutes can be provided for every four hours in a day, and this would be a chance for the participants to gather ‘round and socialize. They may even do so while lining up for the juice bar which should only serve the freshest squeezed fruits which will be turned into juices.


Have a Guided Meditation for Extra Intense Event Sessions

If a strategic planning session is in place and one of the toughest meetings was just tackled, you may allow for the participants to take a 10-minute break. However, it would be required for everyone to take the guided meditation session so they may equally reap from the benefits of de-cluttering the mind.

These few healthy activities should induce productivity and inspire your participants to be more focused in the event. Be sure to include them or get inspired by them, so you may have a fruitful activity ahead.