Same – Sex Marriage Proposals in Phuket

Same-Sex Marriage Proposals in Phuket

Love and Marriage for everyone…
As a wedding planner, living and working in Thailand, I am very lucky to meet people with different backgrounds, cultures and visions. Our team welcomes all nationalities & personal diversity and we will make sure we have a lot of fun organizing your wedding or event. I find it shocking why some of my clients have to ask me questions such as: “Hey Alex, before we even starts, let me tell you that we are same sex couple and is that ok for you?”
I felt only few times uncomfortable in my own body and/or soul and I cannot imagine if that will impact my entire life. I support everyone who has the need to change it in any form and one of my goals as parent will teach my child acceptance and tolerance.
EVERYONE should have the freedom to feel & express how they feel without having the need to explain anything. We live in 2021, correct?

Celebrate you LGBT Symbolic Wedding, Thai Buddhist Blessings or Marriage Proposal in Phuket, Thailand with Phuket Wedding Planner Bespoke Experiences.
We are one-stop agency for luxury destination weddings, creative marriage proposals and memorable events based in the biggest Island of amazing Thailand – Phuket. As a wedding planner with tailor made services we always provide creative ideas and budget friendly wedding services for the most special day. Our passionate and professional team treats every wedding as a special experience. We are not a follower of copy & paste actions. This is why our style is bespoke and outstanding.