Small Wedding Touches to Increase Guest Comfort

Small Wedding Touches to Increase Guest Comfort

When you are planning a wedding, it’s easy to get wrapped up on what you think is most important: you and your future spouse. This may mean that you overlook the little details that ensures your guests are having as good of a time as you are. You want your guests to be comfortable and enjoy themselves. They are your closest friends and family. They are the people you have chosen to spend your special day with. By reading on, you can learn all about those small touches that will increase your guests’ comfort.

Protection from Extreme Weather

Wedding Drink Station

Are you getting married outside on a hot day? There are some things that you should consider doing to make your guests feel more comfortable. One idea is to have a “Welcome!” station with drinks or just have an area where your guests can refill their drinks during your ceremony and/or reception. You want to make sure that they stay hydrated to avoid any issues that could occur if they get too hot and miserable. You may also want to consider getting your guests things like parasols, mini fans, and even small things of sunscreen to ensure that they are protected from the hot sun. These are small touches that your guests will love and appreciate.

If it’s a cold day, there are also things that you can do whether or not you have your wedding outside. If you do insist on a cold, outdoor ceremony, you should offer your guests blankets and even outdoor space heaters to ensure that they are sufficiently warm. In fact, blankets are a good idea to offer your guests even if they just have to travel to your reception site in cold weather so that they can warm up. Offering hot beverages that they can just get refilled as needed will also make them more comfortable.

Make them Comfortable

Wedding Slippers

Weddings tend to be more formal affairs, but that doesn’t mean people don’t want to hit up the dance floor. Consider offering sandals, flip-flops, or even comfortable (but slip-proof) slippers in a basket by the dance floor with enough pairs for your guests. This allows them to be comfortable both on and off the dance floor, instead of those uncomfortable dress shoes. This is especially true for those guests suffering in 3-inch high heels. This may seem like a small touch, but this is something that can have a major impact on your guests.

Are there kids coming to your wedding? Let’s face it; weddings aren’t the most exciting adventures for your child guests. Make both them (and their parents) comfortable by offering little activities for them to enjoy. Maybe you can put crayons and coloring books for them or board games that they may enjoy.

Kids table for weddings

Sure, your wedding day is your big day. But your wedding is only truly successful if your guests have an amazing time. You want to have a wedding day that your guests remember for a long time. The trick to this memorable experience are these tiny little details focused on the comfort of your guests.

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