Sweet Father/Son Moments

A wedding day is filled with special moments between a father and his daughter — the emotional walk down the aisle, the sweet (or funny!) father-daughter dance, the dad’s toast or blessing at the reception. The mother of the groom has her moments, too — who doesn’t love watching the mother-son dance? — but what about the father of the groom? They may not have that all-eyes-on-us moment, but these special men deserve some recognition, too. Here, a few of our favorite photos of grooms and their dads:

groom with father
Photo Credit: Leah Moss Photography

groom with dad
Photo Credit: Leah Moss Photography

groom with dad
Photo Credit: Leah Moss Photography

groom with his dad
Photo Credit: Tonya Malay Photography

father of the groom and his sons
Photo Credit: Tracy Moore Photography

The relationship between a groom and his father-in-law is so important to the bride; she wants her dad to love her chosen one just as much as she does, after all. 

groom with his father in law
Photo Credit: Kingdom Wedding Photography by Kat

groom and father in law shaking hands
Photo Credit: Solar Photographers

groom with father in law

Photo Credit: Katelyn James on Southern Weddings via Lover.ly

And sometimes, the groom himself is the most important father in the room. Here, a precious shot of a dad with his son:

groom with his son
Photo Credit: Amy Little Photography

Their son later joined the couple for a special dance:

bride and groom dancing with son
Photo Credit: Amy Little Photography

This couple’s daughter held tight her daddy throughout the ceremony:

groom with his son
Photo Credit: Ashfall Mixed Media, Inc.

Tell us: How are you including your father or father-in-law in the wedding?

—Kristen Klein