Thai Buddhist Blessing for Wedding Ceremony in Phuket


Thai Buddhist Blessing for Wedding Ceremony in Phuket

There is a certain charm and romance in getting married through a traditional Thai Buddhist wedding ceremony in Phuket. As one of life’s important moments, a wedding is made more special the Thai way. It is worth remembering that there is no such thing as a standard format for Buddhist weddings. Depending on where you are, the parts that make up a wedding a more an observance of cultural norms, rather than any actual Buddhist requirements.

In Thailand it is important to obtain the blessings of monks from the local temple and there are a number of traditional elements that can be incorporated.

Your wedding planner Bespoke Experiences will run through everything that will be a part of your ceremony beforehand and be there will be assistant to yourselves and to the monks who will prompt you as required at your ceremony and help the monks as they need it.

Thai Buddhist Wedding ceremony in phuket

The actual wedding ceremony takes place early in the morning at  Thai temple. 3 or more monks are invited once again to bless the couple. A string forming a circle binds the couple. After the monks’ prayers are over, the couple gives the monks each an envelope containing money. The newlyweds then eat lunch with the monks, concluding the morning ceremony, and will be making a donation to the local wat (temple) for the wedding blessing.

Thai Buddhist Ceremony in Phuket

Monks, usually seated upon a raised platform, will be waiting for the bride and groom’s arrival. Guests, if present, will be seated, usually on the floor, as it is customary not to raise ones head above that of the Monks.

Kneeling, you will light candles, incense and place flowers at a shrine erected to Buddha. Then, with your hands placed together and heads down, in the Thai gesture of greeting (otherwise known as a ‘wai’), to the Monks, the ceremony will then place with blessings asked for your union, chanted in the Buddhist language of Sanskrit.

Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremony in Phuket

Two head garlands, tied together with string, will be placed over your heads. String from these will also be tied over the heads of the monks, then somewhere up high as the connection point between our world and the spirit world, so that blessings from this world will join you.

Thai Blessing in Phuket Bespoke Experiences

Blessed water will then be sprinkled lightly over your heads, symbolic strings tied around your wrists, and special ointment applied at three points on your forehead. The Monks will then chant auspicious text from the scriptures and the Bride and Groom will be given instructions on when to repeat the final verses from these hymns after the monks.   They will also undertake the recital of the traditional wedding vows in Pali which cover love, respect, kindness, consideration, faithfulness, honesty and assistance.

Thai Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

  • Ceremony at the Buddhist Temple or any Location of Your Choice
  • The odd numbered amount of 3 – 9 Monks as determined by the temple of your choosing.
  • Donations to the temple & each monk who performs your ceremony.
  • Monks Equipment: Buddhist Shrine, Mats, Cushions & Refreshments.
  • Lotus Flower, Incense & Candle Sets for your use at the Buddhist Shrine.
  • ‘Sungkatan Sets’ are gifts for the monks in the temple and performing the blessing ceremony
  • These are packages readily available all over Thailand as gifts of useful house hold, food and personal items for Monks to be presented to them by you.

Gifts for Thai monks