The Anatomy of a Wedding Ring

The Anatomy of a Wedding Ring

For many people, their wedding is perhaps the most special day in their life. With this, it is understandable why many spend a lot for this special day. Among others, one that will be most financially intensive would be the wedding rings, especially for those who are not contented with just any ring. With this, it is important to have an understanding of the anatomy of a wedding ring. Through this, you will have a better understanding of its different components, which will influence your ability to make a decision that will not lead into frustration.

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Center Stone

This is going to be the focal point of the ring, and hence, the first thing that will be seen. Not all wedding rings, however, will have a center stone, especially those that are meant to be worn by guys. If you are going to have a solitaire ring, the center stone is the only stone in it. If there are three stones, the one in the middle is the center stone, and the other two are side stones. If in case there are tiny stones, they are the accent stones.


Also known as the setting, this is going to be the part that holds the center stone, making sure that it is secured in its position. More often than not, it is made from 14k white gold. The head is composed of several parts, including the prong.


As it has been mentioned above, this is one of the main components of the head of a wedding ring. They are basically the claws that hold the stone. One of the most common would be a four-prong head, which is preferred by many because it is going to show off the diamond and will make it shine more. On the other hand, six prongs are chosen if they need more security for the stone, which is especially perfect if the latter is heavier.



Anatomy Ring 3

Also known as the shank, this is the part that wraps around your finger. It is also the part where engravings and markings are done. It is made with the use of precious metals, with some of the most common being gold, platinum, and silver. The exposed part of the band can also be surrounded by diamonds.


This will refer to the top two sides that you can see in a wedding ring. It joins the band with the head. This may not also be present in many wedding rings, especially those that are worn by guys or those that do not include any gemstone. In the case of more expensive wedding rings, especially for girls, there are usually accent stones that are lined on the shoulder.