The Worst Times to Wear Your Engagement Ring

engagement ring
Photo: Dani Cowan Photography

In the shower. “Think of your engagement ring like your dream sports car. Although it is very expensive, it isn’t indestructible and requires care and maintenance! Don’t wear your engagement ring in the shower; although it may seem like it is getting cleaned, it is more like the opposite. Soap residue will get stuck on your diamond or gemstone, leaving a film that will stop your ring from giving off its ultimate sparkle powers.”

In bed. “Just like you, your ring needs a little rest. Getting a cute ring dish for your nightstand to leave your ring in every night.”

While you’re at the gym. “Lifting weights is the ultimate no-no. This will scratch the bottom of your ring and could even possibly bend your ring. We recommend purchasing a Ring Hero so you don’t have to leave your ring in a gym locker or unsafe place.”

While you’re doing gardening and yard work. “Aggressive gripping and dirt is not good for your precious ring. This is the perfect time to leave your ring in some hot water and Dawn gentle dish soap to have a bath! Once you’re all cleaned up from your yard work, remove your ring from the soapy water and give it a scrub with a gentle toothbrush. Your ring will be all shiny and clean.”

During any type of watersports, such as kayaking, white water rafting, and surfing. “If your ring is to for some reason come off, there is a very high likelihood that it will not be found in depths of the lake, river, or ocean. Water sports that involve intense gripping, such as white water rafting, could leave your ring scratched or possibly bent.”

Rock climbing. “Rock climbing or scrambling up a mountain is no safe place for an engagement ring. Your ring scraping against rock will surely leave a mark. Even worse, you could catch your ring on a rock or tree branch which could leave you with a serious injury or even the actual loss of a finger.”

When using harsh cleaning products. “When using harsh cleaning products such as those used to clean a bathroom, it is best to remove your ring. Chemicals such as chlorine can be abrasive to your ring.”

While you’re baking. “Cooking and baking won’t damage your ring, but cookie dough stuck in your ring will surely stop the sparkle!”

Whenever you’re playing sports, such as softball, lacrosse, and basketball. “Really any sport that involves your hands isn’t a great place for an engagement ring, especially sports that involve a tight grip.”

During any type of home renovation. “Any type of home renovation or construction work is time to definitely take your engagement ring off. Sanding, spackling, and staining could scratch your ring or leave it covered in debris.”

Remember: Ultimately, use your best judgment! “This may seem like a lot. Use your best sense of judgement. If you think you should take your ring off for something, it means you probably should. Your engagement ring is a piece of fine jewelry; treat it with the love and care it is representative of.”

In case you forget to remove your ring before a dirty job… be sure to have some Radiance Wash on hand! “The first ever jewelry wash allows you to keep your ring on and clean your ring while you wash your hands. Watch as all the oils and beauty buildup wash down the drain, taking your engagement ring from dirty and dull to sparkling and shining,” says Brea Fullerton, CEO and founder of Shinery.