Tips To Get Your Flower Girl Ready

Getting the flower girl(s) to walk down the aisle with a basket full of flowers can be tricky. You never know how she might handle the responsibility or face the gathering and flashing cameras. It is not a necessity, and you can ditch the idea. But why not just give it a shot, plan for the specifics beforehand, and leave the wedding party in awe. Here are some tips from the Cocomelody experts to get your flower girl ready for the big day. From dresses to duties, here are the must-know secrets.

flower girl and the dress

Photo Credit: @bethanyjeanphotography ; Wedding Dress Style: Ginger LD5808

For some, the choice is evident, but it isn’t the case for many. There can be several candidates in families with more than one girl child, and making a choice may be challenging. There is no hard and fast rule that you must only appoint one kid for the job. You can have as many as you desire or can handle.

Having more than one flower girl can dissipate the duties and create a fuss-free, enjoyable environment for the kids. But if there is only one young girl of suitable age, the job ultimately falls on her tiny shoulders. Also, by suitable age, we mean a three to eight-year-old flower girl who can confidently march down the aisle and prove a safer choice.

flower girl dresses

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Before choosing the flower girl yourself, discuss your wishes with her parents and confirm if she can handle the responsibility. Her overall personality, interests, and maturity level will determine how much work you will have to put in.

If she knows how to toss the flower petals and walk on her own, half your work is complete. If you think she cannot handle the ceremony all by herself, try these tips to help her stay focused.

You need to tell her what a wedding is all about to better understand the responsibility. You can also show her some fun, flower girl ceremony videos online. Make her practice so she doesn’t throw the basket on the final day.

Workaround her schedule and break time really well, or she can get cranky and overtired. Besides, you can have a buddy system such as having her walk together with the ring bearer to double the fun. If you have more girls, split the responsibility to relax each one.

Limit the photo sessions, seat the parents in front rows, and reward the performance (also throughout the big day). Be prepared for whatever she can face difficulty with. You may be ready to rock it in heels all day and end with a four-course meal – but she wouldn’t be.

So have the backup plan set right, but don’t forget to have fun with the little one. After all, all work and no play will only be a recipe for disaster.

princess tea length satin flower girl dress

Dress Style: Princess Tea Length Satin Flower Girl Dress CF0191

Flower girl makes for an important person on the wedding day. That adorable little girl scattering fresh blossoms (with herbs and grains) on the wedding aisle before introducing the bride to the gathering – she is your flower girl. Her role symbolizes everlasting love, fertility, and good luck.

Carrying a flower basket and stealing smiles, this pretty little lady mostly wears an ivory, bride-like ball gown or tea-length dress. Her attire is as important as the bridal dress and is a mini version of the bridal gown.

The only rule you must follow is to pick a dress that makes HER feel comfortable, unique, and appreciated. If she likes her dress, she will rock the show. So, select something simple, easy to carry, and maybe on the affordable side. You can match her dress with the bridesmaid, the bridal gown, the accessories, or the wedding theme. In terms of colors, you can also choose to go all-white or get ivory, silver pink, green, blue, metallic, purple, or whatever color dress everyone agrees to.

However, make sure you finalize the dress with her and her parents along. Shopping together eliminates biases. Also, pick an age- and season-appropriate dress, the right size, with correct customizations (if any), and say no to anything that can be a safety hazard for her.

Choose from silk, tulle, or satin to keep her looking and feeling her best. Also, don’t leave her barefoot – pick the right shoes.

Finally, just a tad bit of makeup, probably a tiara and other cute accessories, her smile, and she’s good to go.

Her job isn’t all that complicated but certainly special. Also, since you have made it till the end, here are some adorable flower girl dresses for you to choose from.