Trunk Show Partner Recruiting

The term trunk show is often tossed around vaguely in the bridal industry. But if you are just starting with your bridal business or looking to attract more qualified leads, it is a magical word for you.

Trunk shows allow to-be brides to view a collection they might not have the chance to see otherwise or in-store. And it is also a vital part of the business from the retail perspective.

Collaborating with Cocomelody to set up your trunk show can offer numerous advantages to increase your clientele and profits.

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Featuring in a Cocomelody Trunk Show allows existing local partners and potential ones to introduce designer wedding gowns to their customers for a specified period, boosting their sales and reputation.

In the past, we have hosted several trunk shows all over The States and have plans to keep doing so in the future as well.

So many to-be brides got the opportunity to find their dream dress from a selection that wasn’t seen before. And our partners got to see their customers try on those beautiful outfits and listen to their valuable comments.

It is like showcasing straight-off-the-runway bridal styles. The event is fun, very much exclusive, and usually lasts for a few days.

  • Create a buzz with customers
  • Low-cost promotional event
  • Receive free samples
  • Showcase designs for long
  • Increased profit sharing
  • Directly learn about the designer
  • View and try-on the latest styles
  • Undivided and personal attention
  • Get the best possible price
  • Same-day purchases

Get more details about our upcoming trunk shows – Click Here

Trunk shows are such a win for everyone. Store owners get to spread the word, and brides get to experience a never-before bridal extravaganza. If you are a bridal shop owner in the United States looking to widen your prospects, we can help.

When you partner with Cocomelody to set up your bridal trunk show, we deliver 6-12 samples to your store. All of these are from our 2022 AW collection and other hot sellers.

You can showcase these designs to your to-be brides for a duration of 2 weeks, which is a big advantage, as you get more time to interact with, understand, and cater to your audience.

Besides offering top-notch designs, there is also a big focus on boosting overall profitability for your boutique to survive and thrive. So, when you feature in a Cocomelody Trunk Show, there is higher profit sharing, i.e., 50% net sales commission assurance. When we collaborate, plan, promote, and market well, it boosts your revenue daily.

Trunk shows have enduring power. These are a natural fit for the bridal industry. When featuring in a Cocomelody Trunk Show, you can showcase an extended product line (one that is different from your usual), meet and greet a newer audience, and promote your store without tying up your dollars.

To get started, all you need is to pay the shipping costs, and you can straight away enjoy increased traffic in your bridal store. Also, the shipping fee is only $599, which isn’t a bad deal for the benefits you get.

If you wish to keep any samples after the show concludes, you can order six of those at a wholesale price. The $599 shipping remains refundable, i.e., it will be deducted from the final order payment.

Looks promising? You think you can benefit from this collaboration? Request a trunk show today, and we will help you navigate the specifics to level up your playfield.