Unique Ways to Liven Up The Dance Floor at Your Reception

Unique Ways to Liven Up The Dance Floor at Your Reception

Hybrid Entertainment

“With everything going hybrid, so is entertainment. We have seen an increase in hybrid bands, and we have added these highly interactive solutions to our events. The DJs not only mix house music beats with top 40 or 80s music or the style you prefer, but they also ignite the audience with the addition of musicians — now known as the hybrid DJ or band. The musicians can include guitar, percussion, horns, drum set, violin, and/or singers. This electrifying entertainment impresses and keeps them on the dance floor every time.” —AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director, AJ Events

Get a Live Performer to Kick Off the Dancing

“One fun idea to get the party started is to hire a live performer to kick off the dancing. I actually did this in my own wedding! Our first dance song was “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra. We hired a “New York, New York.” Then, the DJ came in to drop some high-energy hits that flooded the dance floor. I swear, everyone was out there! Making the dance portion of the evening an experience rather than just a formality will get everyone excited to join in.” —Jenna Miller, Creative Director of Here Comes The Guide

Focus on the Perfect Song

“Here is a real unique one for you: Song selection. This may seem very obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times people miss this. This is a very inexpensive yet vital part of creating and keeping the energy going on that dance floor. When picking your music, make sure you pick songs that do have energy to them. Sometimes we tend to focus on the songs we like singing in our car with our partner, except the only issue is that it may not translate to the dance floor. So, if you have a say in the playlist with your DJ, make sure you add those high energy songs to your ‘must play list.’ Each one of those will be sure to be the perfect song to hit the likes of every guest.” —Malike Adigun, Owner, Curate Entertainment

Add In the Theatrics

“Now that we’ve talked about the inexpensive and easy fix, let’s focus on the unique ways to liven up the dance floor that kick it up a high notch. And by high notch, I’m talking special effects that will make your dance floor full of action like being on the set of a movie. If you have it in your budget, I’d highly recommend adding some special effects to your package. Your entertainment might have this available. If not, check out other entertainment or party rental vendors. Consider something like the C02 cannon or Cold Spark that will add the extra flare to the high energy moments on the dance floor. People also love that photo op!” —Adigun, Owner, DJ Malike

Focus on the Atmosphere

“Now that you have the action, it is time to add the lights! I don’t know about you, but lighting is everything to me. Just like the music can make or break the energy, lighting can make or break a desired mood. Lighting does a lot for people as it can invoke that romantic lovely feeling or that vibrant joyful feeling. Use some fun lighting to add to the dance floor so you can create the club party vibe. No one likes to dance in the bright lights. You want people to feel comfortable letting loose. Lighting goes a long way. No matter the venue, lighting can make it all unique.” —Malike Adigun, Owner, DJ Malike

Add a Special Touch

“There is a reason people will make their way out to a simple bar and grill on the weekends to eat. Maybe it is the food, but perhaps it is the live band! People are drawn to live performance. You can do the same with your reception by adding a special performance that will have your guests engaged. Adding something like a saxophonist adds a classic romantic sound that can really liven up the experience. But don’t stop at the music! You can also have a time where dancers can come in to perform which encourages everyone to dance. My favorite are Hora Loca dancers. If you don’t know what they are, look them up and thank me later!” —Adigun