Wedding Ceremonies on the Beach in Phuket

Wedding Ceremonies on the Beach in Phuket

Most people who think of beach weddings imagine a relaxed, breezy affair in a scenic location. In reality, it is very challenging to plan a wedding in any non-conventional venue. There are quite a number of issues to consider when planning beach weddings, which is why you need experience planners like Phuket’s most creative agency Bespoke Experiences. The following tips should help transform your event into one of the best wedding ceremonies on the beach in Phuket. Let Bespoke Experiences assist you with full service wedding planning and coordination services for your special corporate or private event in Phuket. With our passion to every detail, we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences for your guests. We can help you with every aspect of your event including the logistic coordination of all pre-event, onsite, and post event activities.

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Private or public beach wedding – Since beaches are usually open for public use, you must choose between holding your event in public or at a private property on the beach. The best option to create wedding ceremonies on the beach in Phuket is to look for a secluded private property when you can safely hold your event without interruptions from the general public. The last thing anyone would want on their big day is having to deal with a large crowd of people coming to disrupt them.

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Wedding service or reception – You must choose either holding wedding ceremonies on the beach in Phuket with the reception at a different reception space or having both the ceremony and the reception on the beach. The setup of your event will vary based on what type of gathering you will be having at the beach, and it will also affect which catering options you use. If you are getting married during the off-season, you can enjoy the pleasure of lower cost weddings and reception at the beach.


Accessibility – An excellent way of making your big day even more special is to consider the option for hosting wedding ceremonies on the beach in Phuket. While this may be a very memorable wedding for the bride and groom, you also have to keep in mind the accessibility of the venue. The beach usually adds an extra challenging level for your wedding planner, but Bespoke Experiences Team is skilled and experiences enough to handle all your needs.

Wedding ceremonies on the beach in Phuket with Phuket and Bespoke Experiences

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Hiring an experienced wedding coordinator like Phuket and Bespoke Experiences is vital for success of all wedding ceremonies on the beach in Phuket. You should realize that beach weddings are just like regular weddings, only that they need more planning to be able to achieve the best results. It is best to work with an experienced company that has been planning different kinds of weddings and has a proven track record of successful wedding ceremonies. They know about all the various local ordinances, they will also remind you about bring sunscreen, and they can provide ample security to to prevent passersby.