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Phuket is called the Pearl of the Andaman Sea and it’s known as the tropical beach paradise located south of Bangkok.  Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and has some of the most beautiful white soft sandy beaches in the world. Phuket is also known for it’s amazing hospitality, mixed jungle nature and delicious Thai food. Phuket has a variety of tourist attractions which includes a unique Buddhist temple, Big Buddha, beach paradise and jungle adventures. Phuket is a perfect destination for any wedding or corporate event.  Additionally, Phuket is suitable for wedding couples and honeymooners and also for the adventurous, those looking to relax, family getaways or anyone looking to enjoy the beauty of Phuket.  For the couples who want a place to plan their special day your destination wedding in Phuket is the place to be. The island offers luxurious white sandy beaches, a soothing crystal clear sea, endless venues, dining experiences to luxury accommodations in Phuket.

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Phuket is unquestionably listed as one of Asia’s top beach destinations and as the best choice for a destination wedding.
Traveling to Phuket is easy with many direct flights to Phuket’s international Airport from many international cities. This makes the island a convenient location for all travelers.

Bespoke Experiences can arrange unique weddings in each venue in Phuket. We provide services for weddings on a white beach with flip-flops or in a hotel with an amazing ocean view, in the countless luxury villas of Phuket.

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Are you looking for some fun? Perhaps you would like a photo shoot in Old Phuket Town or a wedding in a Buddhist temple or perhaps an exotic wedding on a nearby island? We can help!

There is so much to do and see in Phuket! Let our Phuket Wedding Planners help you select the best area for your wedding or special event.

Old Phuket Town is a colorful blend of cultural influences. Enjoy wandering the streets lined with Sino-Portuguese architecture houses, artsy coffee shops, galleries, and hop little guest houses. If you are looking to do some shopping Phuket Town offers some of the best bargains deals on the Island.

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Northern Phuket

At the top of Phuket Island is where you will find some of the finest 5 Star Hotels in Phuket and breathtaking beaches in Northern Phuket. Nai Yang is only a short distance from the Phuket International Airport. Many are extremely laid back, people who stay here have found the relaxed parts of the beach are inside the Sirinath National Park which also includes a reef at the north end of the beach. There are different type of Phuket Accommodation and Dining in Nai Yang.

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Surin boasts five and six star resorts with luxury villas and upscale residential estates, fine dining world class beaches. Surin’s clear waters are good for snorkeling or kayaking, boogie boarding and surfing. It is also the site of Thailand’s second-oldest golf course which is now being developed into a public park.

Kamala was formally a quiet fishing village and relaxing seaside community just north of Patong. There are several selections of high end resorts hidden higher up amongst the trees on the headland facing a fantastic sea and stunning mountain views. Just behind the beautiful and unspoiled beach is a wide range of local places to eat and drink.

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Southern Phuket

Southern Phuket is where you will find even more amazing beaches, Big Buddha, lots of shopping and of course enjoy the very interesting nightlife. Cape Panwa, has Panwa Beach which is not a swimming beach but has many remote bays tucked away to explore. The entire area offers a great selection of luxury villas and resorts, which is a great alternative to the overcrowded spots of Phuket. There are a lot of interesting sights to see nearby including Ao Yon beach, Ao Yon waterfall and a little bit further south the Panwa Aquarium.

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Patong Beach is famous for its colorful nightlife and wide range of activities. Patong is filled with hundreds of restaurants for all types of budgets and literally just as many bars and discos. If the mood should strike, you can purchase tickets to experience a real Muay Thai Boxing in the local stadium. After a wild night on Bangla Road enjoy relaxing day on Patong Beach and all the small shops around it.

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Karon was rated by Lonely Planet as one of the Top Ten Family Beach Holiday Destinations in the world. After a day at Karon Beach you can enjoy numerous dining options that are only a short walk from Karon beach. This area has many adventure activities such as elephant trekking in the jungle, cooking classes, cocktail making classes and let’s not forgets about yoga, spas and Thai massages.

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Kata has many different styles of accommodation walking distance to the white sand beach. There is no shortage of restaurants. There are numerous small shops to bargain for goods. Although not as vibrant as Patong, Kata does also offer lots of options for entertainment after dinner.

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Nai harn is different from the typical west coast touristy spots. Nai Harn is a popular beach among the expats and tourists that still holds the local feel. The beach is in a protected bay area where sailing or fishing boats often anchor in calm waters. There are a few local beach restaurants if you get hungry or thirsty while you are soaking up the sun.

Rawai is located at the very south of Phuket. It is not a swimming beach but it does offer some beautiful views of nearby islands. Rawai has a very peaceful atmosphere with lots of great seafood restaurants. If you have a chance, visit the “gypsy village’ where established fishermen still make a living selling fresh catch in food stalls. Local restaurants will take your fresh catch and cook it up just the way you like it. Rawai beach is not your usual beach destination but it offers a local and unique environment with numerous accommodations and dining options to suite your preferences.