Wedding Photography Advice: How to Feel More Self-Confident in Your Wedding Photos

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Your wedding is a big day with lots of emotions. For many brides, it’s an opportunity to dress up and feel beautiful. Yet it’s also common to feel hesitant and self-conscious with everyone looking at you and knowing that you’ll be photographed all day.

If you’re feeling anxious or struggling with how your photos will turn out, that’s ok. Here are some practical tips to help you feel more self-confident in your photos to showcase your authentic, beautiful self.

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Practice Self-Care

There’s a lot of toxicity surrounding what a bride should do leading to her wedding. If you feel pressured to lose weight or alter yourself for your big day, it’s time to pivot and practice self-care instead.

Self-care is about more than taking relaxing bubble baths and finding “me time” in a busy wedding planning schedule. It’s also about nourishing your body from the inside out. 

Drinking plenty of water and eating nutritious food as your wedding gets closer is a form of self-care. Try to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet without being restrictive. Engaging in a restrictive diet and missing out on celebrating as you approach your wedding day will cause additional stress that you don’t need.

Consider practicing mindfulness to help you let go of negative thoughts as your big day gets closer. Take time to move your body to get your blood flowing and release mood-boosting endorphins. Self-confidence comes from inside, and nourishing your body and mind is the first step in attaining it.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is a self-confidence killer. If you find yourself body-checking or fixating on potentially negative outcomes, you won’t be at your best on your big day.

Start practicing positive self-talk. Stop in front of the mirror every morning and say something you like about yourself. This could be a direct compliments like, “I have beautiful eyes,” or an affirmation like, “I’m going to look amazing in my wedding dress.”

You can also engage in this practice while wearing your wedding dress, reminding yourself how beautiful you are and how amazing your day will be.

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Practice Posing

Many brides struggle with the idea of posing for photos or feel awkward in front of a camera. Practicing a few poses can help you overcome this feeling. Facetune suggests looking for pose inspiration and trying a few techniques in front of your mirror and your camera. Choose a few poses you like, and try them with your wedding dress on.

You can even turn this into a fun event by having your bridesmaids join you in their bridesmaid dresses to find a few go-to angles and poses. When your wedding day arrives, you’ll naturally get into the positions that make you feel confident.

Talk to Your Photographer

Developing a good relationship with your photographer can help you feel more self-confident in your wedding photos. Find a photographer you love— not only for their work but for their personality. Discuss your concerns and ask them to help you in any way they can.

If having your photographer get hands-on in adjusting your stance and making recommendations for your poses will make you feel better, ask for this. You can also put together a list of photos or poses that you do and do not want to try. 

It’s also worth booking a photoshoot with your photographer before the wedding. Consider booking an engagement shoot or having the photographer capture your bachelorette party so you’re already well acquainted and comfortable on the big day.

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Choose the Right Dress

It goes without saying that finding your dream dress can make a huge difference in your self-confidence. More importantly, buy the dress in the right size. Many brides feel pressured to lose weight for their wedding, and purchase their dress in a smaller size as motivation.

Huge mistake.

Stress impacts the hormones that play a part in weight loss and weight management. The more stressed you are about trying to fit in a smaller dress, the less likely you are to fit in it when the day comes.

Being comfortable is beautiful. Accepting your body is beautiful. You deserve to have a dress that fits you and makes you feel wonderful as you are.

Don’t Overthink the Small Details

Don’t get caught up on small details that won’t make a difference in photos. It’s ok if you have flyaways or a pimple or some other minute detail about your appearance that’s bothering you. Your photographer will be able to edit those things. Rather than trying to shield them or letting these small things impact your mood in front of the camera, relax and let it go.

Practicing stress management and self-love in the time leading up to your wedding is the key to looking and feeling great in your photos. Self-confidence is a skill; start practicing today so you’re ready to make the most of your wedding.