Why Do Our Partners Choose Cocomelody?

Brides invest a great deal of time, effort, money, and emotions in preparing for their wedding day. It is vitally important for us, as reputable bridal store operators, to not let anyone down by failing to deliver on their expectations.

At Cocomelody, our motto is to keep brides smiling, and we pass on the same values to our partners. We have a worldwide presence that speaks of our authenticity, and this is why our partners choose us. While the bridal business is pretty lucrative, it is also fiercely competitive. We help our partners grow with whatever support they require to scale. If you dream of running your own bridal store, Cocomelody has got you.

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As we have always mentioned in our previous blogs, owning and escalating a specialty boutique isn’t an easy feat. But we help our partners make it a stress-free experience. When you join the Cocomelody bandwagon, you get to witness real-life experiences under the guidance of our industry experts.

Not just the experiences, Cocomelody is a worldwide brand offering high-quality dresses, custom design flexibility, an omnichannel approach, competitive wholesale pricing, great deals, faster deliveries, and 24/7 customer services. Our partners choose us for not just one, but so many good reasons. Check out our partner testimony here.

Cocomelody has been expanding incredibly over the last few years. We already have stores worldwide, with many more lined up for the future. We have our name out there, making it easy for our partners to start and stand. The brand name only needs to be spread out to wherever our partners begin from.

When you join us, our store designers assist you in setting up the aesthetics similar to other Cocomelody stores. But you also have the freedom to decide the layout and weave your own little touches.

We have over 20 years of experience, offering hundreds of styles to thousands of brides with fantastic quality dresses at affordable prices. More and more brides-to-be want to try on Cocomelody gowns. Our client feedback, positive online reviews, and continuous traffic flow speak of our brand reputation.

When you open your store with Cocomelody, it’ll be a joy ride for you. We offer our partners everything to ease their operations.

  • The sales team is always supportive, and the communication avenues are excellent.
  • You receive store design guidelines to renovate your store expertly.
  • We provide professional brand training, store management training, and order form system operation training.
  • Each partner gets personalized marketing plans to fuel the new bridal store and drive more traffic and appointments in-store and online.

From demographics research to online sales statistics and understanding the local trends, we provide our research and resources to get you to greater heights. You get to know what sells and what doesn’t to help your store thrive.

Join Cocomelody

We are looking to partner with someone who is a go-getter, has a great sense of fashion, and who can start their own venture. In the past, we’ve worked with many people, and it has all translated to great success within our stores. We’re also open to those with no real knowledge but who have the passion for making it big in the industry.

You get full-fledged support from our team, including lighting, store design workflow, dress selection, and aesthetics.

Contact us for more information on opening your Cocomelody bridal store. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and concerns to get you up and started.