Why We Love Sapphire Engagement Rings (& So Will Your Fiancé)

Are Sapphire engagement rings filling your Pinterest & Instagram feeds lately? There are a number of reasons these precious gems are trending, and reasons why to consider Sapphires for your proposal…

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Whether it be fawning over trending Salt & Pepper diamonds or showing off all the gorgeous Diamond-alternative engagement rings, we have a massive love for gemstones. Our formidable rock spinning through the galaxy offers countless stunning gems to choose from for your proposal. Sapphires sparkle near the top of almost everyone’s engagement ring wish list.

Sapphire Rings by Valerie Madison Jewelry

The truth is, Sapphires aren’t a new trend. Sapphires have been a popular choice since the 13th century. Love for the blue-hued stone even predates the tradition of exchanging engagement rings! If you, like the centuries of royals before you, are pulled by the mystical enchantment of these celestial blue engagement rings, we’re sharing everything you need to know about Sapphires & why your fiance will love your alternative engagement ring choice.

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Are Sapphires Nice Enough For An Engagement Ring?

We’ve seen questions asking if Sapphire engagement rings are tacky. We have no clue how & who gathered such a notion. We’re here to tell you that Sapphires are a timeless & elegant choice!

Sapphires land just below Diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale. What does that mean? Sapphires are nearly just as strong & hardy as Diamonds, which are considered the most long-lasting gemstones in the world. If you choose a Sapphire for your partner’s (or own) engagement ring you’ll have a stone that can be passed down for generations & generations. Your ring will be a true family heirloom.

To address the dreaded “T” word: Would Princess Diana ever choose or wear anything tacky? We think not. The Princess of Wales’ Ceylon Sapphire engagement ring was far from the first fashionable blue-hued engagement ring worn by royalty or fashion elite. Sapphires aren’t just trendy right now. They’ve been trending for centuries due to their stunning blue hues & ever-lasting qualities.

Sapphire Ring by Valley Rose Studio

How Much Do Sapphire Engagement Rings Cost?

Much like when we chatted about Salt & Pepper Diamonds, the cost of your Sapphire engagement ring will depend on a number of factors.

What we can say in certain is that the gemstone itself (band & setting aside) is far less expensive than traditionally mined Diamonds. You’ll often find these gems at one quarter – sometimes less – of the cost per carat. This means you will get more for your money in carat size as you choose your Sapphire stone.

When it comes to the ring itself, your cost will depend on the metal you’ve chosen for the band, the complexity of the design, and frankly the designer you choose to work with or buy from! At the bottom of this post, we’ve shared our favorite Sapphire engagement rings in a wide range of budgets: priced from $780 to $7,200.

What Do Sapphires Symbolize?

According to the gemstone experts at Gemvara, “The ancient Persians believed the earth rests on a giant sapphire. Its reflection, they said, made the sky blue.”

Typically, jewelry makers suppose that the stunning blue stone symbolizes trust & loyalty. A perfect message for your proposal. Many say that long ago royals often wore Sapphires to protect themselves from envy & infidelity. Something not to be taken for granted in a marriage!

Ring by Sofia Zakia

What Colors Do Sapphires Come In?

Most traditional Sapphires you’ll see come in a range of blue hues. You’ll see shades of turquoise & teal, celestial blues & deep ocean tones, purple-leaning violet & even light sky blue.

But, the options don’t stop there! Sapphires actually come in nearly every color of the rainbow. This means you can get the same affordable, heirloom-quality gemstone in any color you wish – pink, yellow, purple, you name it! Sapphires even come in white, if you’d like your ring to have a more classic look, too.

Montana Sapphire Ring by Valley Rose Studio

Where Do Sapphires Come From?

Sapphires are found globally, with the most famous deposits found in Sri Lanka. This is where Princess Diana’s stone (now worn by Duchess Kate) comes from! In America, the most common Sapphire mines are found in Montana, making the gem often a symbol of the Mountain West, and a frequent choice for our outdoorsy couples.

Wisteria Ring by Kataoka

Are Sapphire Engagement Rings More Ethical Than Diamonds?

Due to the fact that Sapphires are most often mined by small, family-run operations, Sapphires are more easily traceable than mined Diamonds. This makes it easy to know if your stone is ethically procured & sold. While lab-grown Diamonds are the best foolproof option for purchasing ethical Diamonds, you can feel confident that your naturally mined Sapphires are ethical, as well. For this reason, Sapphires are on the rise in popularity for those who wish to ditch the harmful global impact of mined Diamonds altogether.

Sapphire Ring by Valerie Madison Jewelry

Where Can I Find The Best Sapphire Engagement Rings?

Nearly every one of our favorite places to shop for engagement rings sells Sapphire engagement rings. Many of these designers & stores offer custom designs, too.

When engagement ring shopping – especially when you have something particular in mind – we always recommend checking the artisans & small businesses on Etsy. Not only will you find made-to-order, ready-to-ship & custom Sapphire engagement rings, but you’ll also find vintage heirloom rings as well!

Here are some of our favorite designs available to shop right now…

Lady Diana Sapphire Ring by Mariyam Jewels via Etsy

Lavender Sapphire Engagement Ring by Oore via Etsy

Stardust Ring by Valley Rose Studio

Midnight Sapphire Engagement Ring by Melissa Tyson Designs via Etsy

Seren Engagement Ring by Staghead Designs via Etsy

Luna Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring by Valerie Madison Jewelry

Blue Vistas Ring by Wwake via Catbird

Ceto Wide Band by Valley Rose Studio

Vintage Floral Sapphire Engagement Ring by La More Design via Etsy

Bali Ring by ILA via Catbird

Lilac Sapphire Engagement Ring by Artemer via Etsy

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