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Izabela and Beal met in September 2015 and Beal proposed to her under the impressive Fletcher falls in 2019.  They had their intimate ceremony first in September 2020, Victoria, BC and their bigger wedding is postponed to 2021.  Izabela looks gorgeous in NIMFA for their intimate ceremony and wedding party.  Congratulations and best wishes to the sweet couples. Photo Credit: C Mckenzie Photography  ;Wedding Dress Style: NIMFA#LD5781 Q: Any advice or tips for future Mrs.? Get as much help from others as possible; get a wedding planner if possible or delegate to someone who can act as one. Q: What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme: Elegant/ modern. Q: Tell us your love story! Where & How did he propose? We met via mutual friends in September 2015; in August of 2019, he asked me to marry him under Fletcher falls in Nelson, BC. In September 2020, we did an intimate ceremony in Victoria, BC. We have postponed our bigger wedding celebration to 2021 so that we can celebrate with friends and family. My Cocomelody dress was purchased for my intimate wedding but now after wearing it I will probably be wearing it again for the dance party of […]

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Real Wedding: Amanda & Christian

Amanda and Christian had their wedding last May in Chicago, IL.  Although their original wedding plan was cancelled due to pandemic, instead, they decided to get married and got everything ready in a short time. They got married in Amanda’s parents’ backyard and it was a beautiful moment with their family and best friends. Wedding Dress Style: RYLEIGH#CW2291 Photo Credit: wanderingstarsphotos ; Wedding Dress Style: RYLEIGH # CW2291 Q: Any advice or tips for future Mrs.? Prioritize! If you’re willing to cut the budget on things that aren’t as important to you, you’ll be able to afford the details that matter the most. Q: What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme? Because of COVID-19, we cancelled our original plan and decided to get married in my parents backyard with only our immediate families and some close friends present. Q: Tell us your love story! Where & How did he propose? Chris and I have been good friends for many years. We realized how much our relationship had intensified when he left for the Philippines for a few weeks to visit family. We talked every day while he was gone, and separately realized that we never wanted to be apart again. After he came back, we […]

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open a bridal shop with cocomelody

Wish to start your bridal boutique? Starting your business can be thrilling and exciting, but at the same time, confusing and overwhelming. We know you want to make every investment a unique venture that promotes your name. However, to thrive as a premier bridal store, you need relevant industry expertise and reliable suppliers who can provide products on time and with quality assurance. The good news is that as a wedding dress supplier at Cocomelody, we work to support businesses like yours. If you strive to make the best next steps, here are some tips to help you with a Cocomelody business startup story. Fund Your Business It is true – your vision and financial situation shape the store’s future. But no financial solutions are one-size-fits-all as every company has different needs. Thus, accurately determine the funding (initial investment) you need as it ultimately impacts the business structure. Factor in all costs, including store rentals, employee payments, equipment fees, and product budget, to better finance your store and get off the ground in the months to come. Choose Your Supplier Choosing the right supplier is crucial since it makes budget management much more straightforward. Look out for someone reliable, who […]

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5 Things Every Wedding Needs

Really, the only thing that a wedding need is two people who want to celebrate their love and commit to spending the rest of their lives together. However, as we all know, a wedding is often much more than that. It is also a chance to gather your friends and family and have a day to truly remember – so what are the five things a wedding needs to ensure that happens? Our greatest memories often involve multiple sensory experiences, and so it’s easy to see why a great wedding has elements to appeal to all of our five senses. Keeping all five senses in mind when making your plans is a great way to capture five things every wedding needs. Here’s how to do it. Photo Credit: Wandering Wild Hearts / Wedding Dress Style: Zahra #CW2299  Sight When it comes to weddings, how things look can be top of the list – from choosing wedding dresses and outfits that have a huge visual impact to the décor for the reception and right down to all the details that make your day unique. Strong visuals are definitely something every wedding needs, and always something that gets your guests talking. Taste […]

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Real Wedding: Alejandra & Roy

Alejandra and Roy had their woodland wedding last August in Idyllwild, CA. Wedding planning during the pandemic was definitely a challenge, but they got married in the forest, mother natures’ natural decoration make everything cohesive and perfect! Congratulations to this sweet couple and thanks for sharing all these beautiful moments and memories with us here! Wedding Dress Style: Ginger #LD5808 Photo Credit: ruthmariephotography ; Wedding Dress Style: Ginger #LD5808 Q: Any advice or tips for future Mrs.? Wedding planning during the pandemic was definitely a challenge. I would encourage brides to remember it’s about you two that day and that already makes everything perfect. Enjoy the planning, enjoy each other and have fun! Q: What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme? We always wanted to get married in the forest, the vision was to make nature cohesive with us and that’s how we did it. The decoration was kept very natural and minimal to allow the natural element of the woods to be the main attraction. Q: Tell us your love story! Where & How did he propose? Roy & I met on OkCupid, I had already 6 dates lined up! However, something told me he had to be my […]

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How to choose a season for your wedding day

How do you choose a season for your wedding day? Do you envisage a sunny outdoor ceremony, or saying ‘I do’ on a crisp winter day? The time of year will hugely influence how you plan your big day. Read on for ideas on what to consider before you set your wedding date.   Spring Bridesmaid Dress Style: #PR3491 Springtime is a glorious, romantic season. Days are longer, birds are singing, and flowers and foliage are bursting into color. Spring weddings are enormously popular. So book your venue and suppliers well in advance. Avoid the Easter school holiday period – honeymoon accommodation is often more expensive, and your guests may have prior commitments. There may be a heatwave or snow, so prepare a bad weather plan. An indoor venue is definitely the safest option. Spring is allergy season! With everything in bud and bloom, don’t let sneezing and red eyes spoil your big day. But remember that spring is a great season for wedding dresses – think light fabrics, flowy designs, floral details. Brides look great whatever the season, but spring wedding dresses are particularly beautiful.   Summer Photo Credit: Lachlan Jordan Photography;   Wedding Dress Style: Aspen #CW2169 Summer is […]

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