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2022 Is a Year to Bond

Photo Credit:  @elissaxxjoy ; Wedding Dress Style: Aspen #CW2169 The pandemic has changed our lives immensely and what we call normal. It has transformed the way we work,

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valentine theme bridal shower

A valentine bridal shower is the best time to express gratitude for your girls. So, you make sure everyone has the time of their life. Love is sweet. Love is patient. Love is kind. It doesn’t boast, not proud, not self-seeking. For our to-be brides, if that is your idea of love, host a bridal shower and celebrate it with your girls who had your back always. A valentine-themed bridal shower wouldn’t disappoint because who said valentines is only for couples. Share your love for your lovelies on a lovely theme, and we’re sure you’ll be receiving all that love back in unexpected ways. Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Jean Photography , Karaspartyideas Bridal Shower Tips First and foremost – pick a date, probably a few weeks or months before the wedding day. The earlier, the merrier, since you’ll have one less thing to stress about. Next, determine the venue and make a reservation early on. Also, this can be tricky, but be very considerate of the guest list and keep it an intimate affair where everyone has a gala time. If you wish, you can plan the bridal shower inclusively. Don’t be influenced by the gendered term – walk away from […]

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Your wedding is your sacred ceremony. Reflect the vibes in your outfit too. Photo credit:@danielgandour ; Dress style: LD5771 If you have been planning a fall/winter wedding and stumbled upon this post looking for inspiration, get ready, we are about to shake your world. Fall/winter weddings are ideal for brides. The season feels romantic, allowing you to accomplish an entire ensemble with a gorgeous wedding dress, stunning accessories, and several comfy layers. Cocomelody has a stunning collection of some uber-cool yet traditional fall/winter wedding dresses – jaws will drop, and your photographer won’t leave your side. But before that, we also bring you some tips on dressing for your fall/winter wedding.   TIPS FOR DRESSING UP AT YOUR FALL/WINTER WEDDING Dressing up for your fall/winter wedding can be tricky, and your summer-y statements can leave you shivering in the fall. With a new season comes newer styles, so stick to some of the time-tested tips to flaunt a classic look. Pick a formal black-tie gown or the fanciest cocktail dress (preferably floor-length) if the theme demands so. Be mindful of your footwear and match those up with the overall look. Dramatic accents work wonders to stand you out in a […]


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winter wedding tips

Make the most of your wedding with these incredible fall/winter planning tips: The wedding season is upon us, and we are all excited. Whether you are embracing the foliage of fall or the stark serenity of winters, it is sure to be a unique experience. However, planning for these seasons can be challenging. At Cocomelody, we not only bring you stunning wedding dresses but also some essential tips for planning your fall/winter wedding smoothly. Photo Credit:; Dress style code:LINDA #LD5780 BOOK A SCENIC VENUE Fall/winter is the best time of the year to book a scenic spot. Booking a venue beforehand will keep you at ease and also wow your guests. But, find a venue with both indoor as well as an outdoor setting. Get dressed, complementing the climate, and also plan your photoshoot accordingly. NOTIFY GUESTS EARLY ON Fall/winter is a busy season, and it is a courtesy to give your guests advance time to plan for your wedding. Save-the-date is an excellent starting point for everyone to preparing for the wedding during the holiday season. LOOK AFTER YOUR HEALTH Who would want to sit with an upset stomach, dry/ cracking skin, or seasonal flu just before the […]

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5 Things Every Wedding Needs

Really, the only thing that a wedding need is two people who want to celebrate their love and commit to spending the rest of their lives together. However, as we all know, a wedding is often much more than that. It is also a chance to gather your friends and family and have a day to truly remember – so what are the five things a wedding needs to ensure that happens? Our greatest memories often involve multiple sensory experiences, and so it’s easy to see why a great wedding has elements to appeal to all of our five senses. Keeping all five senses in mind when making your plans is a great way to capture five things every wedding needs. Here’s how to do it. Photo Credit: Wandering Wild Hearts / Wedding Dress Style: Zahra #CW2299  Sight When it comes to weddings, how things look can be top of the list – from choosing wedding dresses and outfits that have a huge visual impact to the décor for the reception and right down to all the details that make your day unique. Strong visuals are definitely something every wedding needs, and always something that gets your guests talking. Taste […]

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How to choose a season for your wedding day

How do you choose a season for your wedding day? Do you envisage a sunny outdoor ceremony, or saying ‘I do’ on a crisp winter day? The time of year will hugely influence how you plan your big day. Read on for ideas on what to consider before you set your wedding date.   Spring Bridesmaid Dress Style: #PR3491 Springtime is a glorious, romantic season. Days are longer, birds are singing, and flowers and foliage are bursting into color. Spring weddings are enormously popular. So book your venue and suppliers well in advance. Avoid the Easter school holiday period – honeymoon accommodation is often more expensive, and your guests may have prior commitments. There may be a heatwave or snow, so prepare a bad weather plan. An indoor venue is definitely the safest option. Spring is allergy season! With everything in bud and bloom, don’t let sneezing and red eyes spoil your big day. But remember that spring is a great season for wedding dresses – think light fabrics, flowy designs, floral details. Brides look great whatever the season, but spring wedding dresses are particularly beautiful.   Summer Photo Credit: Lachlan Jordan Photography;   Wedding Dress Style: Aspen #CW2169 Summer is […]

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