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As a bride, you are the STAR OF THE SHOW. Your wedding ceremony is your Oscar night, and the Oscars afterparty is your chance to do a whole new round of outfit, hair, and make-up looks. So walk into the changing room, slip into a sparkly sequin or satin mini dress, and get all set to rock the reception. The wedding reception and the reception dress for brides is always a thrilling experience. It entirely changes the mood of the gathering and surprises the guests with your “other” side. The Cocomelody team has helped hundreds of brides pick their glam reception looks. We have a huge 2022 reception dress collection at for every bride and their distinct vibe. DO YOU REALLY NEED A RECEPTION DRESS? It isn’t mandatory, not a rule either. You don’t necessarily have to have a new look for the party. You can indeed save resources and wear your wedding dress right into the reception. But if you wish to and can spare some money, getting a reception dress does make sense. Go ahead – get that stunning dress you have been eyeing all this while. After your wedding photos are done, slip out of that extravagant wedding gown and head to the reception […]

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Hey you! You know what? True beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Style has no standard measurement. Ultimately, it is about being loved and appreciated beyond a number on a scale. At Cocomelody, we believe that women are like snowflakes – no two seem alike. Still, if you believe being plus size can deter you from showing your best – think again. In the wedding industry, nothing is impossible. It also applies to wedding outfits for curvy brides. Custom fitting is one way to get that stunning showstopper. Shopping for plus-size dresses is another ultimate option, we do investigation on different body type and design dresses according different body type. You will get useful advice from our professionals and find your dress at Cocomelody. – and don’t worry, we also offer custom-sizing service with reasonable prices. Your wedding dresses will flatter your figure well. If you are looking for the best, here are some bridal styles all you curvylicious to-be brides will love flaunting on your big day. A-Line Silhouette Chic lace, feather-light chiffon, and shimmer or beading are some go-to features in a curve-ready A-line silhouette. It looks fabulous on a beach or palace-style wedding. Need something classic […]


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5 Things Every Wedding Needs

Really, the only thing that a wedding need is two people who want to celebrate their love and commit to spending the rest of their lives together. However, as we all know, a wedding is often much more than that. It is also a chance to gather your friends and family and have a day to truly remember – so what are the five things a wedding needs to ensure that happens? Our greatest memories often involve multiple sensory experiences, and so it’s easy to see why a great wedding has elements to appeal to all of our five senses. Keeping all five senses in mind when making your plans is a great way to capture five things every wedding needs. Here’s how to do it. Photo Credit: Wandering Wild Hearts / Wedding Dress Style: Zahra #CW2299  Sight When it comes to weddings, how things look can be top of the list – from choosing wedding dresses and outfits that have a huge visual impact to the décor for the reception and right down to all the details that make your day unique. Strong visuals are definitely something every wedding needs, and always something that gets your guests talking. Taste […]

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How to choose a season for your wedding day

How do you choose a season for your wedding day? Do you envisage a sunny outdoor ceremony, or saying ‘I do’ on a crisp winter day? The time of year will hugely influence how you plan your big day. Read on for ideas on what to consider before you set your wedding date.   Spring Bridesmaid Dress Style: #PR3491 Springtime is a glorious, romantic season. Days are longer, birds are singing, and flowers and foliage are bursting into color. Spring weddings are enormously popular. So book your venue and suppliers well in advance. Avoid the Easter school holiday period – honeymoon accommodation is often more expensive, and your guests may have prior commitments. There may be a heatwave or snow, so prepare a bad weather plan. An indoor venue is definitely the safest option. Spring is allergy season! With everything in bud and bloom, don’t let sneezing and red eyes spoil your big day. But remember that spring is a great season for wedding dresses – think light fabrics, flowy designs, floral details. Brides look great whatever the season, but spring wedding dresses are particularly beautiful.   Summer Photo Credit: Lachlan Jordan Photography;   Wedding Dress Style: Aspen #CW2169 Summer is […]

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Painted Floral Wedding Dresses Are Blooming This Bridal Season

Garden weddings are rising in popularity. Chateau rose gardens, botanical centers, arboretums & even greenhouses are becoming some of the most popular wedding venues these days for an obvious reason: a natural abundance of floral decor. At the same moment, as seen at 2022 New York Bridal Fashion Week, there’s a blossoming trend perfect for […]
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