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2022 Is a Year to Bond

Photo Credit:  @elissaxxjoy ; Wedding Dress Style: Aspen #CW2169 The pandemic has changed our lives immensely and what we call normal. It has transformed the way we work,

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halloween wedding dresses ideas

Embrace this fun-filled holiday theme with oh-so-gorgeous Cocomelody bridal outfits. Themed weddings are our personal favorites. These allow us the opportunity to design and offer some distinctive and creative bridal outfits. It is especially true if our bride is having a fall wedding and is also a Halloween fan! Those rustic vibes combined with shades of black, brown, red, and gold sound so heartwarming. But the thing to remember is you’re having a wedding celebration, don’t consider it a Halloween bash. Your wedding must scream of grace and not make guests cry in fear. If you’re in the midst of planning your 2022 Halloween-themed wedding, get ready, we’ve got the scoop on some really fun, dramatic, and Halloween-inspired tips and wedding dresses. UNDERSTAND YOUR HALLOWEEN WEDDING Firstly, understand that a Halloween wedding isn’t a costume party. When guided the right way, it’ll come off as tasteful, sophisticated, and glamorous. The key is to keep away anything that makes it a literal Halloween party. The idea is to take inspiration and give those a personal touch to pull off a marvelous show. Choose a suitable and sophisticated color palette to match the vibes. Use Halloween-themed invites, decorate with black (or dark) blooms or […]

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one dress, many different looks

ONE dress, MANY looks, to get you the best of both worlds.   Changing into multiple dresses for different wedding functions seems fun and fantastic. It is becoming “the norm” for brides, so to say! Brides are mostly doing two outfits — one for the ceremony and the other for the wedding party. But this also calls for a bigger budget and doubled shopping stress, which might not be feasible for every bride. Also, it contributes to fast fashion for many. The solution? A Convertible Wedding Dress! Usually, it is a sheath/ short dress with an overskirt transforming into a traditional A-line or ball gown dress, i.e., featuring two styles in one. And don’t worry girls, a convertible dress is stylish, very much practical, definitely a thing, can offer customizable styles, and fit almost everyone’s budget. At Cocomelody, we have some stunning convertible wedding dresses that will help you steal the show. Not just two-in-one, but our 2022 Convertible Wedding Dress sports multiple looks. You will be surprised at just how many styles you can minimally and gracefully create with a single dress and a few add-ons. So, take the stress out of your wedding dress shopping and look to […]

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Do you have an all-glam taste, romantic spirit, and mega curves? Want to feast your eyes on something feminine and splendid? We think a fit-and-flare mermaid outfit will make you say YES TO THE DRESS. Mermaid wedding dresses are all the rage today. So many of our brides have ditched traditional wedding gowns, and chosen mermaid pieces for those are lightweight, fresh, and can have you dancing all night long. THE BEAUTY OF MERMAID DRESSES Mermaid dresses outline your body and flare out from the bottom. The cut can turn you into a gorgeous princess, right out of a fairy tale. Mermaid dresses are stylish yet classic. The right fit, color, and fabric will also have you make an impact on your guests. They play up with your sweet curves and are known to add a romantic, feminine vibe. The dramatic and fitted silhouette adds allure. Besides, the impressive neckline looks daring and stunning. IS IT UNIVERSAL FOR ALL BRIDES? The length of the torso plays the trick. So, brides with short and long torsos must be careful. Magnifying only specific parts of the body, mermaid dresses make your shoulders and bottom look much broader.  Also, in hopes of maintaining balance, […]

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